10 Lies Women Tell Their Men


Lying doesn’t hurt at times. If a lie can make a person happy, you will not hear anyone complaining. Moreover, some white lies are necessary to keep a relationship going. Women often lie because they are not ready to speak about something. Here are top 10 lies women tell their men.

1. I’m fine

When women say, especially in super sharp tone, ‘I’m fine’, it is a simple paraphrase of ‘Of course, I’m not fine’. The problem is that women think men know the issue, but mostly they are just clueless.

2. I don’t mind paying

Women always expect men to pay the bills. Moreover, it’s a very traditional, if a man has asked a woman out, she will certainly expect him to pay. If a man steers away from paying the bill, he will look cheap.

3. I don’t mind watching sports with you

Women often want to do something they are not fond of just to see men smile. A woman can lie in order to build a sense of mutual understanding with a man and what he likes. But in a little while, she will be not so enthusiastic.

4. I’m not ready for a relationship now

If a woman wants to be with a man, she will definitely make the time for it. And if a woman starts to avoid her boyfriend or fill him with stories about being busy and needing her space, it’s an obvious sign that she is not interested in him.

5. I’m not mad

Many women tell it after an argument or a fight most of the time. Actually, women are not mad, they lie because they expect men to apologize for what happened. It is necessary to wait for things to calm down and then solve it.

6. I don’t mind you flirting with other women

Most women have a traditional attitude towards a relationship, so they would hate to see a man flirting with another woman. In spite of that, women can sometimes ignore those glances a man pass to other woman.

7. I haven’t had sex with too many men

Men shouldn’t ask women about their sexual history. If a man asks a woman this question, he would make her feel shameful that would in turn make her feel very uncomfortable. I think this lie is reasonable.

8. Don’t worry, it can happen to anyone

This lie a man is going to be hearing a lot when he comes too soon or lost his job. We know that it doesn’t happen to anyone. We often say it just to comfort a person.

9. I wouldn’t change anything about you

A woman might love a man but not the sauce that he drops all over his shirt or the mess he creates. Women say this in order to not hurt a man’s ego. In fact, a woman often tries to change things about her man.

10. I don’t mind you going to strip clubs

Women might understand that sometimes men require some visual diversity. In most cases, women pretend they don’t mind men going to strip clubs, because they don’t want to come across as a control freak.

What other lies women tell their men? Share your thoughts, please!