9 Secrets Women Never Tell Their Men


Women are known to be very open and extremely talkative creatures in comparison with men. But you will get surprised that not only men have some things to hide, but women also have some secrets.

There is a mystery in every woman for a man to clear up. But unfortunately, only a few of them succeed.

Though it is not that complicated to understand a woman, men have great difficulties with it. So here are some women’s secrets which I hope will help you to clear up the situation.

1. We want men to take initiative

It is a highly important thing. We do not like to take care, to plan and to do all sorts of things by ourselves.

We want men to take initiative. Though, we never tell about it, you should know that it is critical that you carry out some difficult tasks or surprise us.

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When a man takes initiative it means that he is involved; that he is attentive and caring. Do it more often, no matter what kind of thing it is – list of stuff to buy, or prepare dinner, or plan your next holiday.

It is okay when women take initiative in some cases, so just let them do it. When it comes to a proposal or a vacation trip, it would be great if you were the first to suggest, wouldn’t be?

2. We want to be surprised more often

All women go crazy with surprises, so we secretly dream about our partner to show his creativity and to astonish us as frequently as possible. Even a small unexpected sweet trifle will make a woman feel special and loved.

It should not be an expensive gift, simply showing your initiative, concern and deep affection are priceless. It is not difficult, just be open and careful to your lady. When she realizes the fact that some effort has been taken to make her feel happy, you will be soon rewarded.

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If you are on a tight budget, you can come up with some free activities like the games for couples, a picnic in the park, or just a midnight walk with two cups of cacao. Men mistakenly believe that women want only pricey things. All women want is to feel your love and care for her.

3. We are afraid that another women attract him more

It is a hidden fear among most women that other women in their man’s life, coworkers or female friends, may attract him more. The reason for it is quite simple; we all want to have something that we can’t have.

That’s why women are afraid that their man’s heart may be stolen or he will start fantasizing about another woman. There is nothing worse for a woman than that.

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Although you can do little to nothing to fight that fear, keep reminding your woman that you love her and no other woman can replace her. A frequent conversation on this problem might also be helpful to banish that fear.

4. We want men to be sincere

Every person wants their partner to be always open and sincere no matter what. Noone likes being fooled. And, of course, women are no exception.

We can forgive a lot of things, but not lies. Irrespective of the situation or how bad your fault is, a woman will always hear you out and even help you to solve the problem.

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When men are sincere with us, we start trusting men and open our hearts to them. Sometimes men have trouble telling the truth – even if they trust women they love, as they do not want their women to worry about something that isn’t their business.

5. We notice and understand a body language

Women are known to have a sixth sense, especially if it concerns relationships. We always notice and analyze all the small details in another person, and that includes a body language of our partners. So we usually are aware of his sympathy to a colleague, which we have never met.

Once we notice something suspicious, it starts bothering us, though we may not be aware of what exactly annoys us. And if a woman suspects something, she will be unbearably upset when her man does not spend time with her but stays in the office.

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If you are going to cheat on her, do not hesitate she will figure it out. Your body language will send her clues, no matter how hard you will try to hide it.

6. We agree with “Guy Time”

That is another secret that only a few men know about. A lot of women actually agree with “guy time”.

We understand perfectly well that our husbands, boyfriends need some space for themselves, and that it is very important for them to spend some time with friends, watching football matches, drinking beer or playing various kinds of games. The only problem here may be when a woman feels lack of attention, while a man focuses only on spending time with friends.

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7. We want their friends to like us

No woman will say this out loud. But it is so. His friends are very important for our men, so we want them to like us. This means that we want to show how we love our partner and what a beautiful person he is.

Such tendency also helps to avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments if we don`t like the friends or vice versa. Another reason for that is that his friends` sympathy for you will influence your partner`s decisions in various ways, which is, of course, to our advantage.

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8. We need space

If a woman tells that she needs space, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to see you so don’t get in your car and drive away for hours. She just wants understanding. Your girlfriend or wife wants you to know that she has important things to do and you need to assume that she really means what she says.

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9. We want them to be honest

Every woman wants her man to be honest. So if your woman looks fat in that dress, don’t say “You look gorgeous.” Women always know how they look. Don’t be afraid to tell her that she’s put on several pounds, but still she looks amazing.

Show your woman that you love her for who she is. You may even suggest her to exercise together. She will definitely appreciate your honest opinion.

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So these are 9 things that women usually keep in secret from their partners, but should definitely know about them. Sure, these are only a few things; the list may be much longer.

What do you usually hide from your man? I`m eager to know, and I`m sure not only me!