7 Women’s Qualities That Push Guys Away


A woman has always been a magnet for a man. But it does not mean every woman can easily capture any man’s attention and build a long-lasting relationship with him. Certain women’s qualities, habits, and behaviors can significantly weaken this magical magnetic pull and sometimes even push men away.

Attractive physical appearance enhances a woman’s chances, but it is not the only key to a man’s heart. Modern men pay considerable attention to women’s temper, inner world, and lifestyle. Read on to know what women’s qualities men find annoying and absolutely unacceptable.

1. Excessive drama

If you are a drama queen, and cannot imagine your life without emotions that usually run high, you should keep in mind that this quality can play low-down tricks with you on a regular basis. Men’s psyche is extremely vulnerable to women’s huge and unexpected mood swings. Even manly men steer clear of such women because a relationship with a drama lady is not their cherished dream. If you want to be attractive to guys, learn to control your emotions until it is too late.

2. Negativity in the eyes

Millions of women suffer from depression and negativity bias. Instead of letting go of depressive thoughts, they focus on the negative aspects of life. Their attempts to hide depression from others only intensify the problem.

Men’s world is not easier than women’s, and they prefer not to double the burden of negativity in their life. While it is hard to change the mindset, if you really want to find your significant other, you should pull yourself together and try to look at your problems from a different angle.

3. Self-obsession

Many women who have been already burned by love usually become selfish and self-obsessed. This negative experience gives birth to excessive demands and prejudiced attitudes towards men. These ladies turn all their energies to satisfy their personal needs and try to boost their ego by belittling the others.

Selfish ladies are absolutely indifferent to men’s desires, needs, opinions, and intentions. Men tend not to build relationships with self-obsessed women, who never accept their mistakes, but always stick to their guns only.

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4. Lack of flexibility

It is hard to believe, but many, at first glance, beautiful and intelligent women cannot find their soulmates, spark passion and reach a mutual understanding with men due to the lack of emotional flexibility, creativity, and quick-wittedness. When men overcome their fears and make the first step, women should know or, at least, make an attempt to play along with them. Women’s inability to counter-compliment, glance flirtatiously, or give a beautiful smile, usually kills men’s desire to take the initiative and start a relationship.

5. Materialism

Unfortunately, modern propaganda of financial abundance and social inequality drives everyone crazy and fills people’s hearts with greed, jealousy, hatred, and disappointment. But both men and women should always stay cool and realize that it is just a strong temptation.

Almost all, especially financially successful men avoid women who display a strong interest in money. Although it is wonderful to live a life of luxury, you should never tell your man that it is your top priority. Constant conversations about money and financial appetites will lead to nowhere.

6. Lack of warm-heartedness

Modern women and men are moving in the same direction. They want to become more confident, emancipated, self-sufficient, independent, and emotionally tough. Such development priorities exert a big negative influence on women’s nature and femininity.

They become tight, rigid, and indifferent. Men treat these ladies with respect but prefer not to share their life with them. They find it difficult to fall in love with iron and cold-hearted women.

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7. Impertinence and disrespectful behavior

Sometimes, attractive, self-confident, and excessively emancipated women behave in a rather impolite way and believe that they will get away with it. Men do not like female individuals who break old school rules and cross the line in communication and cooperation with other people.

A worthy man will never become interested in a vulgar and impertinent woman, who acts inappropriately and cannot express her point of view without swearing. The disrespectful behavior can only spoil your reputation and turn you into a lonely person.

I hope this article has given you the answers to all your questions. Now that you know how to become the most attractive and successful lady in the world, what are you waiting for? Reconsider your lifestyle and start your search.