10 Things That Make a Woman Threatening


Women are, by nature, catty creatures. If you have been walking around on this Earth for any length of time, you have probably been on both the giving and the receiving ends of more than a few scratches. Battle-scared and broken, you can probably attest to the meanness of womankind, usually for what can feel like no apparent reason at all.

However, what is the formula in one female that makes others perceive her as a threat? It actually comes down to 10 simple things that make a woman threatening. If you want to fit in, or if you want to delve a little further into the female psyche, read on.

1. Beauty

Whether you want to admit it or not, you are silently judging all of your friends all of the time and much of your judgment is based on your perception of their beauty. Society today places such high standards on appeal that most women feel insecure about how they look, and that insecurity breeds resentment exceptionally fast.

The more beautiful you are, the more other women will identify you as a threat. You might be the enemy in the single’s scene or the temptress who is plotting to seduce their man behind closed doors if you’re a beauty; you have problems with other females. The best advice is to avoid over sexualizing your look when you are with the girls, and let your personality do the talking.