12 Reasons Competitive People Are More Successful


Competitive people make the world spin around, and that`s totally true. Their adventurous nature isn`t all about conflicts only – they want to get the most out of life, and they do it no matter what problems they encounter in that way. They want to be the best, and that`s actually not a crime, right?

These people can`t stand when there`s something they want but can`t get, so they always do their best to reach goals and be happy. Those who can`t prove their own point of view in any life situation are less successful and happy in their career, relationships, and in life overall. If you still don`t believe it, here are some advantages of competitive people that make them so great…

1. They’re extremely creative

While we all are born creative, competitive people are shockingly creative. They strive to be the best at everything they do, which is why their brains never stop working.

Their amazing creative skills make them successful, rich, and happy. A competitive person may be unable to draw, but if it`s necessary for their further growth, they`ll do anything to master this skill as soon as possible.

2. Having a competitor in business is useful

When there`s only one businessman in the city, he can do whatever he wants as everyone depends on him and his business. When there`s a competitor, they both start a game called “Who`s the best?”.

This leads to lower prices, better goods or services, and personal growth. Having a competitor in business is useful because you start thinking about how to attract more clients and start working harder to be better than their competitor.

3. Having a competitive partner makes you stronger

Having a competitive partner has its pros and cons. While he doesn`t make you do anything, you just can`t stay motionless and look at those endless efforts he makes to create a strong, reliable relationship and make you the happiest woman in the world. You start trying to be the best of yourself because you feel guilty if you do nothing in return.

4. They always try to be better

Whatever competitive people do, they always try to do it better. Whether it`s a relationship, career, or just a hobby, they never stop improving themselves.

Competitive people become a challenge for themselves, and they want to be better and to do better each minute. There`s no finish line in their life – when they reach a goal, they are no more interested in it and want to reach another one that`s more difficult and brings them more challenges.

5. They can’t accept the fact they’re worse than others

Some people don`t mind if there`s someone better than they are. If they see a neighbor driving a car they want to have but can`t afford it now; they don`t suffer. But competitive individuals just can`t stand when they know there`s someone more successful and happier than they are.

It becomes their main priority to prove that they can be the best. This isn`t about jealousy. This is about their nature.

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6. They have a wide comfort zone

A comfort zone of a competitive person is much wider than other people`s one. It`s not all about having a home, family, friends, job, and relationship only. Competitive people aren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zone.

They feel great in any surrounding and environment. They`re ready for anything, and it makes their comfort zone almost unlimited.

7. They believe in themselves

They don`t need anyone to encourage them. They believe in themselves and their abilities. Competitive people always try to overcome all troubles on their own. They know they can do it, and there`s nothing that can stop them. They have a highly strong faith in themselves. It gives them unbelievable power and helps them be successful.

8. They’re happier in life

Competitive people feel down when they encounter a failure, but it happens rarely. Usually, they`re happy with their life. They know what to do, and they`re not afraid to do it even if they don`t know how to do it correctly.

They reach goals and feel better with each and every achievement. Success is what they need most of all, and they get it every day as they do their best at everything they find important.

9. Dating such a person is wonderful

If your boyfriend is a competitive person, you`re definitely the lucky one. He`ll do anything to make you happy, and this desire accompanies him all the time.

You are his top priority, albeit he might have a job he loves doing. Dating a competitive man isn’t easy, but you will like it.

10. They`re optimistic

If competitive people were pessimists, they would never be successful. Their competitive nature brings numerous challenges into their life, but they are always ready to overcome any difficulty. Optimism and confidence are two main tools they use on a daily basis.

Whatever the problem is, they are sure they can solve it without any problem. They know there`s a way out of any problematic situation; thus, they start looking for the best one at once instead of crying over spilled milk as most people do.

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11. They cause progress

The word innovation wouldn`t be necessary if there were no competitive people. They really cause progress.

At first, humanity had enough of everything for comfortable living, but some people wanted to be the best, and they started inventing new things to show their superiority. It was the first step in the world`s progress.

Then they started competing and proving their perfectness to each other. Even though competitive people cause lots of really serious problems, we wouldn’t have those gadgets we have now.

12. They’re emotional

Competitive individuals are also emotional, but they can take control over their emotions. Their huge ambitions let them get a positive result in any situation. However, if they feel those emotions prevent them from being successful, they put them aside and get involved in the working process from head to heel.

As you can see, competitive people are the most successful in dating, career, and family because they never say “I can`t.” They say, “Give me a second, and I`ll do it like no one before,” instead, and this is what makes them so special and incredibly happy in life.

If you have a competitive partner, you`re the happiest woman on Earth – he`ll do everything possible and even impossible to make you feel like a queen. The world wouldn`t be so interesting without these people. Thus, they really deserve the recognition they are running for all their life.

Do you have competitive people in your own surrounding?