7 Tips on How to Deal with a Mean Girl


There is always a mean girl in any teenage in-crowd and you probably know about her or even met one. Sometimes it is very difficult, especially for teenagers, not to be affected by such person. But you must never let the bully distress you. Each mean girl is different, so there is no perfect way to cope with all of them. But these ways to deal with a mean girl can help you to protect yourself from bully.

1. Do not pay attention

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the best way to cope with a mean girl is ignoring her. A mean girl needs your fear and she will do everything to make you feel insecure. So if you don’t pay attention to her, she will probably cool off. You may find it difficult not to hear all the rumors she is inventing, and it may take some time for all the made up lies to extinct, but it will be much easier eventually. You will understand that it all was worth it when your life returns to normal. Ignoring is the first thing to try in such situation.

2. Try to talk to her

Another way to deal with mean girl is to try to talk to her. You will need all your courage to do it, but it may be the right way to solve the problem. Just don’t talk to her when she is not alone because it can make the situation worse. Wait for the time when she is alone and quietly ask her what she has against you. It may help you to work everything out. But if this will not help, she may stop bullying you because you are not afraid to face the problem.

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3. Treat her nicely

The perfect way to treat a mean girl is be kind. No matter how strange it may sound but using kindness against the girl who is bullying you may startle her or even make her shrink back. Have you ever tried to be cruel to the one who smiles at you? It will be hard for her as well. So give her a smile and she may smile back and that may be the end of the rival. Kindness is the best way to solve any kind of problems with people. Try it, it really works.

4. Ask your parents for advice

If you have any problems in life, your parents are always there for you. You can ask their opinion about this one as well. They will share with you their experience and they can give you comfort too. If you need compassion and a good advice, go to your parents, and you will get both. But try not to speak about the mean girl with your friends, because it may cause even more rumors and unwanted troubles.

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5. Don’t let anyone bring you down

If you feel down because of some mean girl’s gossips, try to empower yourself. Remind yourself how wonderful you are, and do it as often as possible. You can use affirmations to work up your confidence and belief in yourself. If you do this, you will suddenly find that none of lies and rumors can touch you because of your love to yourself.

6. Defend yourself

When you need to deal with a mean girl, there is no need to become mean too. Don’t use her methods, and if you hear a mean remark don’t try to offend in reply. If you just parry remarks instead of bite back, you will make a bully understand that you do not afraid of her mean words. It is important to remember that if you use offensive words the situation will get worse for both of you. So, no matter how much you have been hurt, staying calm is always the best policy.

7. Try to know her better

If you have a chance to know a mean girl better you may find that she does not hate you and she acts as a defense mechanism. So try to understand her. Perhaps you will not take her insults personally if you know that she is not that confident and self-assured as she wants you to think. It may not be easy for you, but understanding of her reasons will certainly make easier for you to cope with her, just don’t forget about the kindness. Maybe one day you will have a normal relation with the one who made your life a mess if you act wisely.

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You may have met mean girls before and you may meet them in the future. So keep these tips in mind, just in case you will meet one. Choose the best way of dealing with bullies, try all of them, find your own ones, but do not let anybody upset you. Stay calm, be wise and believe in yourself and you will be able to cope with any problem on your way. If you have any other tips, please share them with us.