7 Ways to Deal with Girls Flirting with Your Boyfriend


While it can be extremely difficult for you to handle other girls flirting with your boyfriend, it’s possible to do it! Just keep in mind that girls only hit on man if he is nice, hot and all around a good guy. So take pride in your man, girls! Here are a few tips on how to deal with girls flirting with your boyfriend.

1. Don’t accuse him

Just because a girl is flirting with your boyfriend does not mean that you should accuse him of flirting with her in return. If it is one-sided flirting, why get angry with your boyfriend? All you have to do is to make it clear that you’re his girlfriend and do not accuse your boyfriend of bringing it on himself.

2. Don’t confront a girl that is flirting with your man

Don’t confront a girl that is flirting with your boyfriend, if he’s making it clear that you’re his girlfriend. Also don’t make a huge scene, just pull your boyfriend away or make it clear that the man is claimed.

3. Pay attention to how your boyfriend responds

If you’re a witness to your man getting hit on, see how he responds. If he responds to the flirting and he flirts back, then take action and keep him in check. If he doesn’t respond, then you have nothing to worry about.

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4. Create clear agreements and clear rules

You know women always want what other women have. That’s the absolute truth! Have a conversation with your boyfriend and create clear agreements and clear rules. Also, make it clear in public that you and your man are together.

5. Your man may be a victim

If your boyfriend is hot and all around a great man, he may be a victim to girls constantly flirting with him. Maybe it’s daunting for you to cope with, but you need to know that it may not be his fault!

6. Keep in mind the facts

Always remember to get the facts. Was your boyfriend the one starting flirting? If not, don’t even try to blame him!

Remember you should trust your boyfriend! If you trust him, then just ask him what happened and how often he’d been getting hit on.

7. Take pride in your boyfriend

Sure, dealing with girls flirting with your man is never easy, but if he really loves you, why are you so nervous? Instead, take pride in your boyfriend and make sure that he knows that he is all yours and that you’re really proud to be with him!

What are your tips for dealing with girls flirting with your boyfriend? Share them!