5 Best Ways to Make Him Notice You at a Party


Dressing up well and going to parties is something girls frequently do and really love. Another thing most girls like is to get noticed by a cute sexy guy.

Well, to make him focused on you, you should make the right move at the right time, and you should have the attention. Check out 5 best ways to make him notice you at a party.

1. Dress nicely

One of the best ways to make him notice you at a party is to put on the fabulous dress. However, don’t wear an over-revealing dress if you don’t want to give the impression that you’re only looking for sex. You should look beautiful and cute. If you can do so, you will definitely get him to notice you.

2. Don’t pretend to be someone else

If you want to make him notice you, you should make sure he sees the real you. Don’t fake, and don’t pretend to be someone else. Be polite and kind. Enjoy the party and associate with the people around.

Make sure the boy likes what he sees. If your face is your best asset, then make sure he sees your face several times. If you think your legs can do the trick, stand or sit in a manner to show them off.

3. Give quick glances

When you feel the boy look at you, and you are also interested, give him several quick glances from time to time. But don’t stare.

Hold the gaze only for a few seconds and break the contact. Now and again, the boy will surely look at you to see whether you’re looking at him or not.

4. Give him a chance to admire you

Now you should give him a chance to admire you. After giving a few glances, keep yourself engaged in conversation with your friends.

This is when he can appreciate and admire you from top to bottom. As the guy knows he won’t be caught staring, he gets a chance to accolade you.

5. Attack the competitive spirit

As you know, boys have a tendency to be jealous of other men. That’s why, during the party get involved in some men’s activities or talks about sports, cars, bikes, and so on.

If you don’t like men’s talks, then chat up with other good-looking guys at the party. If other guys show interest in you, there is a chance to catch his attention too.

These are all the best ways to make him notice you at a party. Do you know some other ways? Share your thoughts, please!