8 Sound Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Hair Extensions


Are you thinking of getting hair extensions? There are many sound reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Yes, achieving long hair in just a few hours sounds amazing, but don’t forget about the health of your hair. Here are a few important reasons why you shouldn’t get hair extensions.

1. Extensions cause serious damage

Perhaps, this is the most important reason not to get hair extensions. Did you know that extensions cause serious damage to the hair?

While it can break off, it may even leave you to deal with bald patches. That’s because of the pulling an extra weight on your own hair.

2. Extensions may drop out

Many women say that hair extensions drop out. While it’s not fun to find your extensions all over the house, if it happens when you’re out that’s really embarrassing! Never get hair extensions for a special occasion, since it would be really disgusting if they suddenly dropped out.

3. You look the same

If all your friends and coworkers have hair extensions, you start to look the same. Just look at some celebrities who wear extensions, for me, they all look the same.

The great thing is that extensions give you long, beautiful hair instantly, but it’s very limiting. You’ll only have a long-hair look.

4. Wrong look

If you are thinking of getting hair extensions keep in mind that long hair does not suit everybody. That’s why sometimes hair extensions may be a very big and expensive mistake.

Before you get hair extension, make sure you try on the wigs and see how long (or even very long) hair looks on you. That’s one of the best things to do!

5. It’s expensive

Hair extensions are very expensive, plus you will have to spend a lot of money to maintain them. You may say that there are many cheap extensions, but they won’t last very long and the hair can look fake. If you want good quality extensions that will last longer, be ready to pay an appropriately high price.

6. Hair extensions maintenance

Once you get hair extensions there is a lot of maintenance involved. You will have to look after your extensions properly, and you will have to go to the salon at least once a month. Moreover, if you decide to stick with your new look, you will have to replace the hair every few months.

7. Exploitation

Although human hair extensions look more natural, there’s an important thing to consider. Your expensive hair extensions could be made from the hair that a woman in Russia or India was paid a mere pittance for.

Most women sell their hair because they are very poor and they need money to buy food for their children. Do you want to benefit from their despair?

8. It’s obvious

It’s pretty obvious when a woman is wearing hair extensions. You can see the ends of the natural hair over the extensions.

Moreover, most hair extensions have the tendency to look unnatural. So do you really want it to be obvious to everybody?

Long hair may look beautiful, but it requires a lot of maintenance. Well, ladies, what do you think of hair extensions? Do you like it or not? Please comment below.