10 Fabulous Winter-Themed Party Ideas


If you plan to do some entertaining this winter, you’ll love the following seasonal party ideas that can help you decorate and plan around a great theme that can tie all your preparations together. The following ten ideas will allow you to throw a memorable party that your guests will enjoy.

As an added bonus, these winter party ideas are budget-friendly and for all ages. Start panning your winter party right now!

1. Christmas Party

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Christmas parties are among the most popular festivities during the holiday season. A time of gift-giving and cheer, the Christmas party is a great way to spend time with loved ones and friends.

If you’re looking for activities to make your party stand out from other holidays fetes, consider a tree-trimming party or a medieval Christmas feast and entertainment.

2. New Years Masquerade

Plan something different to ring in the new year this winter season. Hold a New Year’s Masquerade ball or party where your guests can show up in fancy masks and baubles to complement the celebratory atmosphere.

Take your party design queues from Venetian masquerades of old to create a truly enchanting winter atmosphere.

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3. Winter Solstice Party

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To celebrate the shortest day of the year and the beginning of the long winter season, consider hosting a winter solstice party. You can decorate with natural elements like sprigs of evergreen and a Yule log.

Roast something in the oven and serve your guests hardy glasses of mead or mulled wine to warm them up.

4. Winter Painting Party

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During the winter, many people’s social lives can suffer. People don’t always like to go out into the cold. You can lure them to your house, however, by inviting them to participate in a winter painting party where each guest creates their own wintry scene on canvas.

Serve a hearty winter stew and some hot cocoa for participants.

5. Merry, Bright, and White

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If you’re looking for an elegant winter party theme, go with the color white. In fact, the more you can transform your home with white decorative elements the better.

White snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and shimmering white tablecloths will brighten up the atmosphere. Outfit your table with a snow-white punch, white chocolate pretzels, and angel food cake.

6. Gingerbread House Party

Both kids and adults enjoy making and decorating gingerbread houses. You can throw a gingerbread house and cookie-making party complete with candy, sprinkles, and all the items needed to create these spectacular treats that can double as holiday centerpieces. You can decorate your home with faux candy treats, too, for added effect.

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7. Party with Elves

Santa’s helpers work hard all year long. Why not throw them a party? Invite your guests to show up dressed like Santa’s elves and decorate with elfish accents and other elements you might find at the North Pole.

You can even show the film Elf as an added feature for your party. This party idea is perfect for kids and adults, so you don’t have to host two separate parties. A win-win solution!

8. Global Holiday Party

If you have friends who celebrate various holidays like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, consider throwing a holiday party with a global twist. You can infuse aspects of each of these holidays into a global Christmas party complete with foods and treats from all over the world. In fact, you can host a global potluck and invite your friends to bring authentic dishes from other cultures.

9. Frozen

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Want to have a winter party for kids? Both boys and girls enjoy Disney’s Frozen movie and would certainly love a Frozen party. From Olaf-inspired snowman cookies to a showing of the film, this theme is both fun and easy to work with given the popularity of the film.

Invite the kids to arrive as their favorite Frozen character.

10. Be Mine Valentine’s Day Party

A heart-themed Valentine party might seem obvious, but it will also be sensationally over-the-top when you go all out for hearts. From heart-shaped cakes to paper heart decorations strewn throughout your space, you can create a romantic atmosphere for people of any age. Valentine’s Day parties are perfect for inviting couples over to enjoy sensuous foods and scrumptious cocktails.

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Consider these winter party themes for your next seasonal party. Your guests will love your inspired celebration and you will too! Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your party. It’s also important to consider the age of your guests. A proper prep can go a long way! What winter-themed party are you going to throw?