9 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Kids


Christmas is probably the most favorite holiday for children. Usually Christmas excitement starts long before the holiday as it is urged by television and shops` special offers. You will hear a new “I want” every day and get numerous letters written to Santa. But it is very important to teach your children that giving brings more happiness than receiving.

It will be very useful for you to manage with this as your kids will learn to be generous but not selfish, and you will be able to avoid extra money spending. From any side you look you will see only benefits when your kids start doing handmade presents for members of the family. Firstly, they will stay engaged, you will spend more time with them.

Secondly, they will learn much new information and acquire new skills, they will be developing. And lastly, you will have a lot of presents in stock, and not simple presents, but more valuable and precious because made by your children. So don`t be afraid to ask them to help you about the house or in the kitchen, involve them into Christmas preparations as much as possible. Read more about some festive and cheap activities to do with your kids on the Christmas Eve.

1. Christmas tree

Photocredit: kampingkid
Decorating Christmas tree must be entrusted completely to children but definitely with some supervision. Anyway, starting from the choice of the tree and finishing with the star on top of it are your kids` business.

Ask them to prepare some hand-made decorations for the tree as well as paper chains and other cute things. Even pine cones in addition with some creativity may turn into something really fantastic.