10 Fun Christmas Activities for Children Ages 3-7


All children without exceptions love holiday season more than adults do. Small kids from 3 to 7 years old still believe in magic and fairy-tales. And actually this belongs to our responsibilities to create the festive and magical atmosphere, invent interesting activities and bring them nice presents so that every new holiday would be better than previous one.

Children from 3 to 7 are full of energy and you won`t have any problem thinking about how to entertain them. They will do everything – draw, sing, dance, create- with their parents.

So here are some suggestions for you on how to spend holiday time with your kids merrily and with pleasure. But remember that these ideas are only the core and you can add and verify them as your fancy tells you.

1. Create crafts for presents

Crafts made by your children are something that you will treasure for years and your heart will fill with joy as you take it out after a few years and recollect that sweet time when your small kids where making it. Find some easy-to-make craft projects online or invent something by yourself for smaller kids.

Take one a bit more difficult project for older kids and participate in making it as they will most obviously need your help and control. Crafts made by your children will make a perfect gift to present your family and close friends.