10 Traditional Christmas Foods All Over the World


There are so many reasons for Christmas to be the best holiday around the world. During this day we can meet with our relatives and friends, entertain ourselves. But the most important and pleasant thing about Christmas are delicious festive foods, which we buy and cook beforehand.

We can’t imagine this great holiday without sophisticated dishes. I will tell you about some special foods from different countries which are cooked for Christmas. And certainly they always are associated with home.

1. Lebkuchen and roasted chestnuts, Germany

If you decide to go to Germany on Christmas you will certainly find numerous and large Christmas markets there. Even you can discover some which were founded in the 15th century.

The period during which you can visit these markets can be different. For example in one town it can be just 2 days, while in another several weeks.

The main attraction of these places is roasted chestnuts. They are sold everywhere. When you feel their delicious smell you won’t be able to leave any of numerous markets.

One of the traditional Christmas foods in Germany is Lebkuchen. It is a kind of biscuit with icing and almonds.