8 Ways to Become Strong in Spirit in a Week


You need to be strong to live happily in this hectic world, but what should you do if you are not mentally strong and you can’t cope with hard times in a proper way? First of all, you should learn how to become strong in spirit and handle life’s challenges quicker and with less struggle and stress.

While many people are trying to become physically or intellectually strong, you can go ahead and develop your inner strength. Here are the most important steps to take in order to become strong in the spirit in a week.

1. Overcome your fears

It’s not easy to overcome fears. If you feel like your fears, start controlling your life, and they make you weaker, don’t wait until they ruin your life; take action. Sure, you can’t overcome every fear you have in a week, but fight at least one big fear, and you will instantly feel stronger in spirit.

2. Believe in yourself

Faith has huge power. When you believe in yourself, you are more confident and successful. It’s easier to say, “I will never do it,” or “They are stronger than I am, so I’d better give up now.” Never ever say it again.

One of the best ways to become strong in the spirit in a week is to repeat each day that you believe in your inner strength and are strong enough to cope with any problem. Say it each morning and mean it.

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3. Don’t be afraid of problems

Every time I face tough challenges, I remember the wise words from Kelly Clarkson’s song, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…” Really, hard times don’t kill you, but they teach you how to be strong enough to cope with any life’s challenge. Don’t be afraid of problems and mistakes.

If you have any problem that you couldn’t solve, fix it this week. You will feel more empowered, become more confident and strong in spirit.

4. Don’t wait for things to happen

We tend to wait until something happens, and only then we start taking action. This week, develop a habit of taking action on the most important things in your life. If you want to get a promotion, consider what you should do to reach this goal.

Well, you have a good plan, but you don’t believe that you can move your career forward. Stop doubting and repeat after me, “I’m smart and strong enough to get that promotion.” Say it out loud every time you doubt your abilities.

5. Don’t worry about future

I don’t mean to stop saving for retirement or any big purchase. I do mean that you stop worrying about things that could happen in the future.

You don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so there’s no need to worry about it. The same goes for the past. Don’t dwell on past events.

You can’t change them, no matter how hard you try. Focus on the things happening today, and don’t let your past mistakes break your spirit.

6. Surround yourself with more inspiring people

People who always inspire and motivate you to become stronger and happier are your best friends. This week try to pay close attention to people you spend more time with.

If you notice that someone is dragging you down instead of bringing you up, say goodbye to them. You will feel much stronger in spirit once you let go of toxic people in your life.

7. Let go of control

The urge to control everything in life can slowly break your spirit. Whether you want it or not, you can’t control everything that happens to you in life.

If you know that you can’t change the situation, let it be. But make sure you really can’t do anything about the situation. Moreover, don’t try to control people around you. It will tire you out and can ruin your relationships.

Let go of control this week, and you will see significant changes in your life. Plus, you will know that you are strong enough to let go of control and live a free life.

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8. Let go of anger

Last but not least way to become strong in spirit is to let go of anger. Learn how to respect your enemies and people you dislike.

Just because they are trying to hurt your feelings doesn’t mean you should do the same. Be smarter and be stronger than they are. Fill your heart with love instead of anger.

It’s quite possible to become strong in the spirit in a week. Believe in yourself, in your abilities, and your inner strength. Remember, when you don’t believe in yourself, no one believes in you. Follow the aforementioned tips and start taking action right now.