9 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds


Most of you have probably heard of the numerous health benefits of hemp seeds. It is a popular superfood that is worth your money and time. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein, and they’re also great for detox and health.

Hemp seeds are easy to use; you can add them to any dish you usually make. One or two tablespoons of hemp seeds is all you need to reap all of the health benefits of them. Read on to find out the 9 amazing benefits of hemp seeds.

1. Improve your digestive health

Rich in fiber, hemp seeds help prevent slow digestion and constipation. This is necessary for detox because your colon is an important body part to care for. Hemp seeds are also easy to digest and they don’t give any problems to those who don’t tolerate seeds.

2. Boost mood

Hemp seeds are a great mood booster and they really work for any low mood you may have. They are also great to combat PMS symptoms. Thanks to their omega 3, protein, and magnesium content, hemp seeds can boost your mood in no time.

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3. Relieve inflammation

Hemp seeds are one of the highly alkaline seeds you may add to your diet. Sure, pumpkin seeds are also alkaline, but hemp seeds are better. Hemp seeds have more chlorophyll than other seeds, making them good for detoxifying and purifying your blood and reducing inflammation.

4. Rich in magnesium

One of the most essential minerals for our health is magnesium. Nowadays a lot of people are deficient in this mineral without knowing it. Magnesium deficiency can lead to numerous health problems such as slow digestion, poor sleep, depression, anxiety, muscle pain, low energy, headaches, and low thyroid function.

Magnesium is also a great mineral for PMS symptoms. It is fortunate that hemp contains 45% of the daily recommended values of magnesium.

5. High in protein

I’m sure many of you know that protein is important to the body. When you are eating clean and detoxing, your body needs good sources of protein to maintain your immune system working well and boost your energy levels.

To say nothing of lean protein that is the best friend of your metabolism. Hemp seeds are high in essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.


6. High in omega 3 fats

Hemp seeds are an excellent source of omega 3 fats, some omega 6 and even omega 9 fats. You might hear some terrible things about omega 9 and omega 6 fats, but when they are in reasonable doses, they can actually be good for you.

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for your heart, metabolism, and they can help boost your mood. I think it’s a wonderful reason to include hemp seeds in your diet.

7. Rich in potassium

If you suffer from bloating, potassium maybe your best friend. It is also an essential electrolyte in the body. Most seeds and nuts are rich in potassium and hemp seeds are no exception. Potassium helps combat bloating, cramps, muscle pain, and help reduce headaches.

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8. Rich in B vitamins

B vitamins are essential for your skin, hair, nails, mood, energy, and digestion. Hemp seeds are rich in all B vitamins. However, you should know that hemp seeds are not a high source of vitamin B12, so you may want to consider taking spirulina or using a supplement, especially if you are vegan.

9. Delicious

Unfortunately, many health foods are not tasty, but hemp seeds are a delicious superfood you can use in any dish. This is because of their a bit sweet, nutty taste, and I love adding them to my yogurt and smoothies.

I also like using them in salad dressings, vegan versions of stuffed mushrooms, and other savory dishes. Give it a try, you will like it.

When buying hemp seeds, make sure you buy organic, raw, and non-GMO brands. Hemp seeds are really good for your body and they’re also one of the best seeds that can help you lose weight.

What’s your favorite way to use hemp seeds?