7 Seeds That Will Help You Lose Weight


Many of us know that nuts are very good for our health and can help us to lose weight, but a lot of seeds can also help you to become slimmer, even better than nuts. When nuts are excellent for you, some people find them not so easy to digest and difficult to portion out. Moreover, seeds are lower per serving than nuts are.

For example, a small handful of flax seeds, roughly 2 tbsp., has only 5 grams of fat, when a serving of almonds has about 15. You also need more nuts per serving than seeds, which makes them have higher solidity. Both nuts and seeds are useful for your body, and I like them just the same, but I’d prefer to make an accent on a few peculiar seeds, which can help you lose those unwanted pounds if this concerns you.

Nuts are known for having useful monounsaturated fats and protein, while most seeds have mainly fiber and good mineral composition. If you want to reveal one of nature’s most powerful little weight loss secrets, just eat these seeds during the day.

1. Quinoa

Did you know the fact that quinoa is not actually a grain, but a seed? It’s true! Quinoa is called a pseudo-grain because you cook it like a grain but in reality, it is a seed, so it is categorized as one. I like to call it nature’s “special” seed!

Quinoa is very rich in all necessary amino acids, protein, fiber, zinc, magnesium, and even some useful fats. It has more carbohydrates than other seeds and contains some farina as grains do, but most of these overflow carbs, which are used not for storage, but energy, so it’s nothing to worry about.