7 Expensive Things Not Worth Paying for


In the contemporary world, it is all about money. People think of how to get more and how to save up. There are many things for which we pay a great amount of money and, honestly, it is not worth that sum.

Saving money is a sore subject for people, especially for those with a limited budget. Here are a few expensive things we wish could cost less.

1. Gasoline

If you have a car you`ll certainly have to spend a tidy sum to keep it in order. Constantly growing prices for gasoline just make things worse. But the point is that we can do nothing to change the situation. Maybe some people will return to public transportation (which is not cheap as well) but the rest will not give up the comfort of a private car because of the high expenses for petrol.

2. Transportation

Every day you have to go to work. If don`t have your own car (which is also not a low in price pleasure), you should spend a fortune on transportation. Especially in big cities, this problem is urgent, you have to commute and cover long distances to get to your destination point.

The best way to do it is by bus and train. Statistics say that an average citizen of New York spends a minimum of $5 for transportation, but imagine how much would it be for students or schoolchildren!?

3. College textbooks

Pricey textbooks are a sore subject for all students. The tuition for studying is high enough and in combination with prices for textbooks – it is a big problem for students and for their parents. Moreover, count how many books you will need every semester! The only salvation is to buy books that were already in use and then resell them again.

4. Movie tickets

Going to the cinema is one of the most popular ways to spend free time for young people as well as for adults. Recently tickets are becoming overpriced. It may not be a problem for some, but for those movie-addicted guys with limited financial resources, it becomes a huge problem.

You may say, ‘Why not watch movies at home?’ But we should confess that nothing will compare with the atmosphere in a movie theatre!

5. Eating out on special occasions or in special places

Even a simple family walk in a park or a day at the zoo is not that cheap and may hit your pocket immensely. When everybody gets hungry after a long and exciting day and you carry out a raid upon the nearest cafe or pizzeria, eventually, you will spend a tidy sum of money just for food.

This concerns also traveling for long distances, you won`t let yourself starve in the airport or at the railway station. And everybody knows that food at such places costs more than in others. The owners have a prosperous business there but for your expense.

6. Starbucks

The gorgeous flavor we all love in Starbucks is also not a cheap pleasure. Starbucks has its reputation and is very popular and widely known. So the prices there are not that surprising.

Anyway, people love it and continue going there. Thus the prices will not get lower and people will not stop coming anyway. The coffee they make is worth it!

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7. Flowers

All women love flowers, and not only women, men, and children as well. They are beautiful, their fragrance is gorgeous and they are always needed. There is no holiday that flowers would not come in handy.

They may be a perfect gift, expression of sympathy, or decoration. No wonder that they are so expensive! We won`t stop buying them anyway, because without flowers our routine would be dull and boring and we love receiving them.

These are just some of the things we don’t like paying much for, the list may be continued. But still, we won`t stop purchasing them. The need to save up a little makes us very thoughtful and we have to cut off some of our needs or whims.

What are the things you`d like to pay less for? Share your thoughts.