7 Great Reasons to Marry a Complicated Man


Most women tend to look for an ordinary guy who`s sweet, responsible, smart and helpful. We try to avoid dating the complicated guys. We want no difficulties, no troubles and no challenges.

But if you know you`re not a simple person, why do you expect someone to satisfy you? That`s not going to happen. A man without strangenesses in his character will never give you what you need.

This type of relationship can only disappoint both sides. Being in a relationship with the complicated guy means to never stop developing and improving yourself, and here are 8 reasons why…

1. You’ll become more thankful

You should find a guy who doesn’t give you anything right the minute you want it. Such a treatment excludes frequent whims that all of us sometimes have, but would like to get rid of.

He’ll teach you to deserve everything you want to have. It`s a golden human trait as it`s so necessary to be able to be grateful. You’ll never become thankful, if your partner lets you get all you want without making any effort.

2. He’ll teach you to think

Having the complicated partner demands your brain activity. It`s not always easy to find common language with difficult person and if you want that to happen you`ll have to look for the most unique method.

There may be situations when it seems you “got” him, but that very moment you find yourself thinking that he doesn’t interested in you. Thus having a relationship with a complicated man is essential for your self-development.

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3. Expand your worldview

Think you already know a lot? Believe me, the complicated man will prove that you`re wrong. He`ll teach you everything he knows and be sure he knows a lot. He has a rich worldview and also help you to expend yours.

His great experience will be shared between you two. Most complicated men enjoy traveling so you will never feel bored with your complicated husband.

4. He’ll be your soul-mate

You don`t view him differently despite different stances on things. All successful marriages consist of two soul-mates, but building this type of relationship is really hard.

If you find yourself complicated, only the complicated guy can accompany you on the life road. Half word is enough to catch his idea, understand his feelings and support him no matter what.

5. He is different

The complicated guy is different. You may not understand him at first, but with a little effort and patience you can win his heart. Once you reach this goal, you won’t regret it.

The complicated guys are unique, loyal and passionate. If you are prone to cheating, though, it’s better to avoid dating a complicated guy, or you may end up being unhappy your entire life, not to mention that you will break his heart.

6. He is brave

The complicated guy is not afraid to do weird things. He has deep imagination and lots of great ideas.

People who avoid strange things have poor imagination, as every time you meet something unexpected you have a possibility to decide whether to avoid it or to make it interesting and useful. The complicated guys will always protect you and do anything possible to make you happy.

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7. He is unpredictable

Isn’t it good when your husband is unpredictable? Aren’t you the one who`s ready to spend the entire life following certain rules? If you`re not, then you need to meet the complicated guy.

He is always unexpected in his actions and it can bring you both good and bad surprises, but anyway it`s better than constant tediousness. Do you want to live an interesting yet unexpected life with plenty of opportunities? Then find the one who can give it to you.

Every single girl needs a partner who’ll inspire her to develop herself as a woman and as a person. Women who are more or less ordinary by nature find the same partners, but not you. You shouldn’t marry the one who`ll make your life boring and miserable.

If your aim is success, dating the complicated guy is a good decision. His ambitions and unexpected straightforwardness will keep you ticking in life. Love this person and you`ll manage to overcome all the difficulties.

Think you have a strange life and you`re strange yourself? Are you bold enough to date and marry a complicated guy?