7 Ways to React When the Guy Is Not Interested in You


The worst thing you can do when he is not interested in you is to be obsessive or clingy as a way to react. Many of us know that, but we can’t implement it. I am going to give you some ways to fix that. Follow these tips and you’ll have a new outlook on how to react when the guy is not interested in you!

1. Don’t flirt with him

If you’re into a guy and he is not interested in you, and even ignores you, don’t flirt with him. In this way you are making yourself more available to him, so try to keep your body language to a minimum.

Rule on how to react when he is not interested in you, keep hands away from guys at all times! Speak with him in a monotone way and stay neutral.

2. Ignore him

One of the most important rules when it comes to ways to react when he is not interested in you is to ignore him. Don’t try and even talk to him. I don’t mean that couple of days of no calling or texting, I mean a couple of weeks.

When you see the guy you like, you usually say ‘hello’, smile, and come up with some creative topic. But now go out of your usual way and don’t speak to him.

When he sees you’re not clingy and confident enough to be rejected, he might change his mind. What boy can imagine a girl getting over him so fast?

3. Make your crush jealous

The fact is that the other views guys have of you affect their opinion of you. If one guy finds a girl attractive and tells another guy, it creates an approval.

You know guys’ basic instinct is competition, and when at least two guys are interested in you, the “who will win” factor kicks in automatically. So make your crush jealous and let him see you’re approved by other guys.

4. Be polite

Don’t show him your emotional actions, even if you are really sad and angry at him. Stay polite, if he says ‘hi’, say ‘hi’ back.

Whatever your crush does, you reciprocate the same way. When he sees you angry at him he may think two things: she is really crazy girl, and he doesn’t want to deal with you anymore.

5. Make yourself feel good

No one wants to be rejected. You might think that you’re not good enough, but don’t feel sorry for yourself and focus on enjoying your womanhood. Go for a mani/pedi, a massage, or a hike for some fresh air.

If he is not interested in you it has to do with his own stuff. When I feel like crying, I usually watch A Walk To Remember and eat a popcorn. Do anything to make you feel good!

6. Go have fun

Having a social life is one of the best ways to react when he is not interested in you. Your Facebook wall will be blowing up with hot pictures, and fun stories of the parties you’ve been having out.

That could make your crush realize that you’re the girl he wants to go hang with, or you might have found a new guy who really likes you! Call up your BFF to have a night of fun!

7. Accept the fact he doesn’t like you

If you’re dwelling over the same guy for a couple of months, give it up. It might be really difficult, but stop trying and accept that he doesn’t like you. Don’t spend your time going after the guy who isn’t interested in you.

Focus your energy on you, your family, friends, study, or work. Stop focusing only on him, open your eyes up to see all the other guys available to you. Perhaps this is the most difficult way to react when he is not interested in you.

Which of these ways to react when he is not interested in you has helped you? Do you know some other ways? Share your thoughts, please!