7 Simple Ways to Intrigue a Man and Be Mysterious to Him


When you fall in love with a guy, or you like him, it is important to behave properly to attract his attention. We all know that men are interested in those women who are always mysterious and unpredictable. Even if you have a boyfriend or you are married, it is necessary to make efforts to impress him now and then.

Otherwise, your partner will be bored, and your relationship won’t be as strong and passionate as before. Due to this, you should constantly try to intrigue and amaze the one you love.

This way, he will never notice other girls, and you’ll be the only one for him. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to arouse a man’s curiosity, but if you behave naturally and use the following tips, you will reach your goal in no time.

1. Impact of eye contact

Making eye contact is the most efficient way to express your interest to a guy whom you see for the first time. If you like him, you should let him know that by looking directly into his eyes.

Our eyes have a magical power to reflect our feelings and emotions so that they can tell others even more than our words. It may sound strange, but often, men are afraid to take the first step, and your courage will be helpful for both of you.

Moreover, eye contact will reveal your affection and arouse similar feelings in the person you like. Haven’t you heard of the experiment conducted in the late 80s last century? The scholars studied the impact of eye contact.

Thus, a man and a woman had to look into each other’s eyes for some time. As a result, 1-2 minutes were enough to fall in love! The point is that our body produces special hormones when someone carefully watches us.

Catch his eye for a few seconds, and after that, he will certainly approach you. Another old and effective way of using eye contact is making your eyes at him!

When you are speaking with somebody catch his eyes for one second as though it is an accident. Repeat it every minute and you will see how interested he’ll become!

2. Listen

Being a good listener is a great talent that will help you to attract the guy you like. You need to listen to him attentively; however, you shouldn’t try to be fascinated by all his words. Just make sure you pay heed to small details, and finally, he will be curious about you.

If in a few months you’ll be able to remember some of the moments he told you about, he’ll be extremely impressed by your attentiveness to him. To emphasize your concern about a man’s problem, you may ask him several questions, but don’t be too insistent as it will only turn him away from you. You can also work on your listening skills.

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Here are some tips I would recommend you to remember. Use your body to confirm that you understand him. Nod when you agree, and shake your head when you sympathize.

The distance between you is also of great importance: too close distance is quite aggressive, and too far means that you are indifferent. When listening to him, try to push your body a little bit forward.

It usually means that the partner is a willing and interested listener. Finally, remember everything he says. Otherwise, all the mentioned tips won’t help!

3. Be Unavailable

When a woman is unavailable, she can easily excite the imagination of any man who is near her. Unfortunately, some of us can make a big mistake while following this tactic.

Being unavailable is not the same as ignoring the guy who wants to get your affection. There is no need to reject all his messages and calls if you really like him.

In this case, your admirer will lose his interest and find someone who would be more accessible. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to show your real feelings to your lover. Though, by being unavailable from time to time, you will appear more mysterious to him.

You can increase this impression if you accidentally demonstrate to him some trophies of your absence like plane tickets, fresh photos, cute souvenirs, or whatever. He will think of you as an active and outgoing person.

Moreover, he will surely wish to catch you, so wait for even more calls and messages. The only thing I would like to remind you again is that you shouldn’t overdo it!

When he messages, you do not answer him headlong. Wait for some time and make an impression of a busy woman. This will be enough to intrigue your man and be mysterious to him.

4. Don’t Be a Sharer

We have a pair of ears, a couple of eyes, and only one mouth. How do you think why is it so? To watch and listen more and speak less. Read on to grasp what I mean.

It is believed that almost all women like talking a lot, especially if they are asked about their personal life. Nevertheless, we must realize that men don’t get pleasure from communication with chatty girls. If he asks you some questions, it doesn’t mean you should start speaking about yourself without a pause.

I would not recommend you to focus much on your personality. Instead, try to discuss some general topics that can be interesting for your interlocutor as well. Speaking about life, hobbies, problems, sport, and politics will help both of you to reveal your life views and see whether you have something in common.

Remember that health relations are impossible without agreement on some basic issues. Try to learn more about his life. Be sure that he will value it – everybody is willing to talk about their personality.

Observe his behavior and draw conclusions about him. Don’t tell me everything about yourself. Leave some mystery for your wooer.

Or end your sentences so that he will want to ask you more. The main thing you have to keep in mind while talking to a man is to avoid his boredom and awaken his desire to learn more about you.

5. Be Unreadable

Whether you are happy or sad, your face will always show your emotional state so that people who surround you can understand your feelings without any words. Therefore, you need to control your facial expressions whenever you meet the man you are interested in. Surely, your face should express your reaction to what he says, but still, you must not be too emotional.

For instance, if a guy tells you a funny story, you may laugh a little because your serious behavior will make him think that he is boring. Your modest manners and composed face will give him no other choice but to muse about your thoughts. This is a nice way to be mysterious to him.

Another plus of managing your emotions is keeping your private things private. Imagine the situation: your boyfriend and you dine out. Suddenly you notice your ex coming and sitting at the next table. Do not grow red or pale even if you were together for 3 years. Nod your head and continue talking with your boyfriend.

If he is curious about this mysterious nod, tell him it’s an old acquaintance. I would recommend you to think carefully before saying something categorically.

You shouldn’t control every word as spontaneous things are always to the point. Just make sure your thoughts are not flat.

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6. Don’t Be Too Impressed

You shouldn’t expect that a guy will do everything possible to gain your affection if you demonstrate your rapture and surprise after his every word. Being aware of your feelings and attitude to him, the guy will not need to make any attempts to impress you. No matter how hard he tries to please you, don’t show your admiration and let him think you’ve had much better.

However, try not to repeat to him every day that you are difficult to impress. Otherwise, he can get disappointed and give up. When he presents one hundred roses to you, do not faint or squeal with delight. Smile, thank him and say that it’s very nice of him.

I would only advise you not to change him. I mean, he can pretend to be another person – more talented, more sociable or more popular – in order to impress you. If you are too demanding for surprises and gifts or personal features, he can gradually get irritated and leave you.

You should value his care, compliments, cute messages, and paid dinners! Your gratitude is a good motivation for your boyfriend to cherish you more and more. This is a wonderful way to encourage men to do their best.

7. Make Sure You Have Various Interests

Watching TV? Going out? Reading newspapers? Are you sure you have real hobbies? Neither am I … How can you interest anybody if you have nothing to talk about with passion?

It’s not only the appearance that makes us beautiful and attractive. Our passion for something is even more crucial. A girl who has lots of different hobbies and interests is mysterious and unique for every guy. He will be amazed by any unusual hobby that you have.

If you still don’t get any idea what to do in your free time, I advise you to switch to some useful activity that will definitely draw the attention of the guy you love and arouse his curiosity. The basic rule you should stick to is to be natural and never lie to him. You shouldn’t practice yoga if you hate it, but know that it’s his cup of tea.

Don’t also try bungee jumping only to catch his attention if you are frightened to death. There are hundreds of ways to spend your time with pleasure.

You may try numerous activities like doing sports, volunteering, or handcraft to be different from others. As a bonus, going in for any new activity will surely bring new people into your life and broaden the circle of your friends.

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It may be quite challenging to intrigue a man and be always mysterious to him. All you can do is be yourself, preserve your individuality, and never show off your intimate feelings. I hope that all these tips will be helpful for you and you will manage to build a happy relationship with your sweetheart.

Have you ever tried any of these ways to impress your man? Which tricks do you use to attract the attention of the guy you like?