7 Simple Ways to Intrigue a Man and Be Mysterious to Him


When you fall in love with a guy, or you like him, it is important to behave properly to attract his attention. We all know that men are interested in those women who are always mysterious and unpredictable. Even if you have a boyfriend or you are married, it is necessary to make efforts to impress him now and then.

Otherwise, your partner will be bored, and your relationship won’t be as strong and passionate as before. Due to this, you should constantly try to intrigue and amaze the one you love.

This way, he will never notice other girls, and you’ll be the only one for him. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to arouse a man’s curiosity, but if you behave naturally and use the following tips, you will reach your goal in no time.

1. Impact of eye contact

Making eye contact is the most efficient way to express your interest to a guy whom you see for the first time. If you like him, you should let him know that by looking directly into his eyes.

Our eyes have a magical power to reflect our feelings and emotions so that they can tell others even more than our words. It may sound strange, but often, men are afraid to take the first step, and your courage will be helpful for both of you.

Moreover, eye contact will reveal your affection and arouse similar feelings in the person you like. Haven’t you heard of the experiment conducted in the late 80s last century? The scholars studied the impact of eye contact.

Thus, a man and a woman had to look into each other’s eyes for some time. As a result, 1-2 minutes were enough to fall in love! The point is that our body produces special hormones when someone carefully watches us.

Catch his eye for a few seconds, and after that, he will certainly approach you. Another old and effective way of using eye contact is making your eyes at him!

When you are speaking with somebody catch his eyes for one second as though it is an accident. Repeat it every minute and you will see how interested he’ll become!