10 Obvious Signs You Might be Losing Your Friend


Losing a best friend is one of the saddest things in life, and unfortunately, it happens to most of us. Sometimes people stop having things in common, and there are times when they just grow apart.

If you are looking for signs you might be losing your friend, here are a few of them. Keep reading…

1. She avoids you

One of the most obvious signs you might be losing your friend is that she always avoids you. It’s okay if both of you have been fighting a lot lately. Maybe you did something unconsciously.

Have you and your friend been fighting over the same boy? Have you forgotten to invite her to your party?

Or maybe you’ve said something means? If not, she’s showing that she doesn’t want to see you and talk to you anymore.

2. She doesn’t respond to your messages

When you see your best friend online, and you message her, does she write you back? No? Or even if she does, she just writes you one-word hinting that she doesn’t want to chat with you. If she’s never acted like this before, you are losing your friend.

3. She ignores your calls

When was the last time you spoke to her over the phone? Do you feel that your best friend ignores your calls?

You leave a lot of messages on her answering machine, but she doesn’t return your call. That’s the warning sign, girls!

4. You feel awkward when you are talking to your friend

When you talk to your friend, you don’t feel like you’re talking to someone you know for a long time. You feel that you’re talking to a stranger who doesn’t want to be spoken to. She seems to do everything to avoid talking to you.

5. She is always busy

When you try to plan a girls’ night out with your friend, it seems that she is coming up with numerous excuses not to hang out with you. She says that she is very busy and she can’t spend time with you. In fact, she is trying to avoid you.

6. She doesn’t smile back

Perhaps, you remember those great old days when your friend smiled when you came into the room or when you giggled like little girls. Do you remember how both of you planned to lose weight before prom? And now, she doesn’t even smile anytime she sees you.

7. She didn’t leave a number

Your friend has suddenly moved away, and she didn’t leave an address, phone number, or e-mail. This is one of the signs you might be losing your best friend!

Maybe she thinks that she wants to go to a new place and start a new life. So it’s not your fault, it’s her decision!

8. She has new friends

Does your best friend spend more time with her new friends? Have you ever spent time together with her new friends?

If not, she just doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore, because she has a new group of friends and obviously she has a new best friend. Perhaps, it’s time for you to find new friends too!

9. She acts as if she doesn’t even know you

When you meet your best friend somewhere unexpectedly, you make eye contact with her, but she pretends she doesn’t even know you and she doesn’t say ‘hello’ to you. Sure, this is a difficult one, but it’s definitely the sign to watch out for.

10. She doesn’t want to add you on Facebook

Such social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter have become important tools in staying connected to family and friends, and obviously, you want your best friend to be on a list of your friends. You’ve sent her a lot of invites, but she doesn’t want to add you.

You see that she adds other people, but she keeps making up excuses when you ask her. Maybe it’s a hint?!

It really hurts to see your friend who you knew from childhood trying to avoid you. But it’s important to remember that there’s always room for change, and you need to move on with your life. People change, and sometimes friends become enemies.

Have you ever lost your best friend? Please comment below.