7 Tips for Dealing with Eating Differently Than Your Family and Friends


If you are trying to change your eating habits after some years of disorder be sure that you are not the only one with such a problem. I also have a big experience in changing my nutrition for the better and different from others. And I know as no one else how difficult it can be sometimes to keep to your own eating habits when you are not alone but with your family or friends.

The first problem which I faced when trying to make my nutrition good and healthy was that others thought I was on diet. Sometimes my preference not to eat fast food can seem to others abnormal. But I want to convince you that it is really possible to eat healthy food different from others and feel comfortable in society.

For example, if your menu is different from your family’s, you shouldn’t eat apart from them and at different times. I started my recovery after an eating disorder three years ago. And now I can eat together with my friends and family through my food differs from what they eat.

Sure, at the beginning it was quite difficult to adjust to different social situations. But I used some special tips to deal with this problem. And they were really effective. So I think you can also avoid all problems concerning your way of eating, especially if it is different from others. Take into consideration some of my tips, they will certainly help you.

1. Don’t pay attention to criticism

Sometimes people don’t understand those who eat very healthy food and are different from them. Because of that, they can be critical. Nowadays fast food is a usual and normal thing for everybody. My preferences are different.

Besides eating in fast food restaurant is much more expensive than buying good healthy food. The point is that you should never be afraid of criticism, and don’t mind what others say about your eating habits. It’s their problem that they can’t understand you.

Everybody should know that you really enjoy your meal and you will continue your recovery no matter what others think. If you don’t feel comfortable in the presence of such people choose another place for eating.

2. Try to convince them

Another tip which I can give you for your successful change of eating habits is to convince others. Make everybody know about the good effects of your healthy food. Sure, some people can continue to bother you about what you eat.

In such a case claim that you are not interested in others’ opinions about that. If you eat differently than people who surround you it should never influence your relations with them.

3. Confidence is important

Don’t forget that you must always be confident no matter what you do. It also concerns your different food choices. Always stick to your point of view and never feel shy when you eat your special food while sitting with others. I also had such a problem.

Even I felt embarrassed and ashamed. It is a big mistake. Sure, now I feel confident enough about that. For example, when my mother is cooking some dish from meat which is high in calories, at the same time I can easily prepare my healthy food.

It’s not a problem to order the dishes which I want when we go out with friends or family to eat at some café. They don’t mind my likings anymore. I can surely say that without confidence I would never reach my goal. The same I recommend to you.

4. Discuss the problem

If someone can’t understand the way you eat try to clear up this issue, speak with them, be open for communication, and be ready to answer their questions. Try to be polite while explaining your food preferences.

If you do well you can even convince your friend to eat like you. Help other people to change their eating habits for healthier. They will certainly love that.

5. Give arguments

You should always give arguments and facts about the advantage of your eating habits. It will help to persuade those who don’t understand your choice. Explain to your friends and family that the food you eat has a big amount of vitamins and minerals, which provide you with enough energy. But say only the truth.

For instance, if you are on a diet and your body can’t get the number of calories it needs. Better don’t say anything. Just if your nutrition is perfect and you get all the calories you need and feel healthy be sure to share your experience with others. Remember that you should always mind other people’s opinions, which is not only criticism.

6. Keep in mind the purpose of your eating habits

You should never let other people who don’t understand and make jokes about your food preferences prevent you from your goal. It can influence your confidence. Make sure that you know and understand the reasons for your diet.

Don’t forget that everything we consume influences our health and life one way or another. It can be very useful or dangerous. In order to make your food good and useful for your body try to avoid eating in random, stressful situations.

Your health will never be good if you eat food that is not good for you. Always think about the reason for your different food choices. Eat food that is good only for your body and your health. Nobody will do that for you.

7. Your body is important

You can never satisfy all people’s desires even if you do everything correctly. You can’t be perfect for everybody. When trying to keep to your personal eating rules don’t mind others but only your body’s needs.

You should not eat any food that you don’t like only to be good for others. Eat only those products, which can provide you good health, good look and good work of your mind. Never consume much sugar, fats, caffeine.

They will not have a good effect on your body. The best tip for you is to listen to your body. If you have some negative symptoms it means something is wrong. Your body signals you about some danger. Listen to it.

If you eat differently than your family and friends, how do you cope with it? Please share your tips with us and thanks for reading!