7 Common Breakfast Mistakes That Can Lead to Weight Gain


It is a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important and substantial meal of the day. We should be careful while choosing foods to eat in the morning, and it is necessary to include only healthy ingredients into our breakfast menu so that we can get all the vital nutrients and vitamins.

Unfortunately, most of us rarely pay much attention to the foods we consume at the start of our day. You don’t even guess that there are lots of breakfast mistakes that can lead to weight gain. Perhaps you think your option for breakfast is the best and the healthiest.

However, it may be harmful to your waistline. I would recommend you to keep in mind the following breakfast mistakes, and you will be healthy and slim at the same time.

1. Veggie and Cheese Omelet

Surely, this is a delicious and nutritious dish to cook for your breakfast. It will supply your body with a large amount of protein that is so good for your health. Dietarians say this food will help you to avoid hunger during the day.

Adding vegetables to your omelet is a wonderful decision, but cheese is high in fat and sodium, so you may gain weight by consuming it. You’d better give preference to various veggies, and you will enjoy the flavorous taste of your breakfast.

2. Whole Grain Cereal

Whole-grain cereal is considered one of the most wholesome foods, especially if eaten in the morning. Though, there are certain reasons due to which it can be not nice for you. For example, most cereals usually contain some sugar that will give extra calories to your body. That’s why you should always control the sugar content when buying whole-grain cereal for your healthy diet. Make sure you consume minimum sugar for breakfast, and you will certainly benefit from it.

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3. Orange Juice

Drinking orange juice in the morning is one of the greatest breakfast mistakes. In comparison with fresh fruit, juice doesn’t have all the nutritional values you need. Moreover, this drink is rich in sugar. For this reason, I advise you to remove any kind of juice from your breakfast and choose the actual fruit instead. Fresh orange or apple is a nice source of natural sugar for you.

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4. Sweetened Oatmeal

As has been already mentioned, you should minimize your daily intake of sugar to stay active and beautiful for a long time. Don’t believe all the labels saying that oatmeal is good for your heart while full of sugar. If you have sweetened oatmeal for breakfast regularly, you can be sure you consume sugar in excess. Actually, oatmeal is a kind of dessert as it is often served with different flavors like apple cinnamon or maple raisin. I think an omelet with veggies will be much better for you.

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5. Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt

Yogurt with fruit is one of the top favorite foods eaten for breakfast. You’ll be surprised to know that those sweet and yummy fruits on the bottom yogurt are incredibly high in sugar. All your attempts to make a perfect choice will be ruined because this yogurt will cause you to gain weight. Try to look for some plain yogurt and add fresh fruit to it. You will get the most delicious dessert and healthy breakfast together.

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6. Whole Wheat Bagel

I know plenty of people who can’t imagine their breakfast without whole wheat bagels. This food must be eliminated from your morning menu, being loaded with carbohydrates and having not enough protein. Whole wheat toast and peanut butter are healthy sources of carbs for you. By switching to these foods, you’ll provide your body with protein and avoid extra calories.

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7. Not Eating Enough

Breakfast is the first meal of the day that should be balanced and nutritious to give you energy and health. Some people make a big mistake when they eat little during their breakfast. In the morning, our body works more actively than at other times, so we need more food for energy. If you have a small breakfast, just in a few hours, you’ll be hungry and unable to work well.

Moreover, when you come back home in the evening, you will eat everything you can find in your fridge, and it will definitely lead to weight gain. Make it a rule to have a substantial breakfast, and you will see the difference.

I hope that after reading these recommendations, you will pay more attention to your breakfast and choose the healthiest foods to start your day with. Be careful not to make all the above mistakes, and you will achieve great results in losing weight. What foods do you usually eat in the morning? Do you benefit from them? What breakfast mistakes do you usually make?