10 Great Beauty Trends for 2017


Every season has its own particular style and 2017 is no exception especially when it comes to these new year trends. If you want to look hip wherever you go, these great trends will complement your style. From makeup to hair, you’ll be as chic as anyone if you stick to these new trends.

1. Orange Lips

Bright dazzling shades of orange are going to be all the rage this year, particularly heading into the warm seasons. A bold shade of orange isn’t to everyone’s taste, but there are other shades to consider like warm pumpkin hues and mellow corals. This bold look for the lips necessitates simple eye makeup; go for a sheer and shimmering shadow to complement those eye-catching lips!

2. Mermaid Eyes

If you’ve always wanted to look like a nereid or mermaid from an enchanted tale, now is your big chance as this lagoon-eyed look is hot this year. Think lots of murky blue or green eye shadows that give the eyes an other-worldly, fantastical appearance. While this might not go over as you planned at the office, give this look a try the next time you head out to your favorite beach-side club.

3. Flowers in Your Hair

This trend is, of course, based on much older ones. You don’t have to deck yourself out in a Victorian gown, however. You can just weave in a few small flowers to a braid or infuse into your ponytail.

Don’t be afraid to update your floral accessory with something bold and brass or even silver. This look is perfect for the summer season.

4. Red is Hot

If you love to wear red, this is apt to be your year! In fact, while red is a hot fashion color, it’s also impacting the beauty world too. If you’ve been dreaming of coloring your tresses red, now is the time to achieve that bold and vibrant look.

Red hair is a major trend this year. If that’s going too far, you can just keep a bold red lipstick handy in your purse whenever you feel the urge to ramp up your style.

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5. Braided Bliss

Braids may have been hot last year, but the trend is continuing. Yet instead of bold and meticulously braided hair, this year’s braids should be looser and altogether softer for a nostalgic appearance.

While the braids can be old fashioned for some, you can play with different styles to find a braid that works for you. Sure, even a simple braid down your back will be in perfect style this year.

6. Hair Accessories

The fashion experts say that hair ornaments are going to be all the rage this year. While flowers are in, so are metal accessories like bright gold clips or shiny silver barrettes.

Bedazzled headbands and even hair scarves are going to be a serious trend in 2014. The time to start accumulating hair accessories is right now so you’ll have plenty on hand for the year ahead.

7. Golden Girl

While metallic hair ornaments are in this year, you can also complement that look with metallic makeup like gold eye shadow. In fact, if you want a bold look, go for gilded gold eyelids when you want to take the night by storm.

This Midas-Touch look has been talked about by various top fashion magazines and the look has already appeared on major catwalks around the world. You’ll love this look which is so dazzling and fun to sport.

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8. Purple Eye Shadow

Various shades of purple can complement any eye color and this year women can expect to see lots of lilac, plum, and purple shades which are in vogue. Already the makeup counters are featuring more expansive selections of purple hues.

You don’t have to go overboard with purple; a little bit goes a long way. Experiment with a few shades to see which one is ideal for you.

9. Romantic Hair

The tousled look is back again! This timeless classic never really seems to go out of style. Loose and casual up-dos are signature styles of the romantic look.

You’ll feel like the heroine of your favorite nineteenth century novel when you go for an old-world style that perfectly frames your face and provides your appearance with graceful femininity. If you aren’t sure what hairstyle will suit you best, look at some old nineteenth century paintings and prints of women for inspiration.

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10. Super Straight or Soft and Wavy

It seems there are plenty of choices for wearing your hair this year. The ultra straight look will continue to be popular, but the ‘mermaid’ wavy look is also going to be turning heads in 2017.

You can achieve this look simply by leaving your wet hair in a braid and unraveling it before you want to head out on the town. In either case, your hair is going to be in style. In fact, it will be fine to change from one style to the other.

There are many wonderful beauty trends for summer, fall and winter 2017, but these are the most popular. Are you going to try any of these beauty trends? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.