7 Best Home Remedies for Oily Hair


If your hair is extra oily, you might want to know a few effective remedies for greasy hair. It’s quite challenging to deal with greasy hair and all those expensive hair products can be absolutely useless.
After washing your hair, it appears to be heavy, dull and flat, when it should actually be feeling clean and light. Below is the list of seven best home remedies for oily hair that work like a charm.

1. Rosemary tea

Rosemary tea is rich in tannic acid that can help decrease excess oil in your hair and scalp. Green and chamomile teas are also great, but rosemary tea is more effective as it has essential oils that help regulate the overproduction of oil.

Just steep 2 tablespoons of loose leaf tea or a tea bag for 20 minutes and let it cool. After you shampoo, apply it to your hair. If you like the fragrance, you don’t need to rinse it out.

2. Lemon juice and vinegar

Vinegar or lemon juice is a cheap and easy remedy for oily hair. Mix a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar or the juice of one lemon.

Pour the mixture over your hair, concentrating on the oiliest area – the roots. Rinse the hair with warm water. Avoid using hot water for washing your hair, since it will make your hair oily in no time.

3. Aloe vera gel

It can be difficult to find the best shampoo for oily hair so why not make your own shampoo? Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and add it to a cup of shampoo.

It will help you get rid of dead skin cells, break down sebum and relieve an itchy scalp. You can keep your shampoo in the fridge for a week.

4. Baking soda

One of the most effective and cheapest remedies for oily hair is baking soda. Mix 1 liter of clear water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda, apply to the hair and leave for about 20 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water.

You can also use baking soda as dry shampoo. Just sprinkle a bit of it on your roots and then brush it out.

5. Mouthwash

Yes, ladies, you read it right. Using mouthwash in the hair can help get rid of oiliness.

Mix equal parts witch hazel and mouthwash together.  Dab a cotton ball into it and apply to your scalp after you shampoo the hair.

Make sure you don’t apply the mixture to your hair. This home remedy will help reduce the sebum production on your scalp, and you will have a beautiful, light hair in a jiff.

6. Alcohol

Mix a shot of any type of alcohol with several cups of water in order to dilute it and apply the mixture to your hair. This remedy has a nice drying effect to your oily scalp and make your hair look clearer. Rinse it out very well, otherwise you hair will smell like alcohol.

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7. Apple cider vinegar

Finally, apple cider vinegar can also help you get rid of oily hair. In fact, apple cider vinegar boasts many amazing beauty and health uses, so make sure you keep a bottle of it in your kitchen.

Mix 16 ounces of water with ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and, after you shampoo, apply it to your hair, concentrating more on your scalp. It helps relieve an itchy scalp and restore the scalp’s pH balance.

If you have oily hair, it doesn’t mean you should spend a lot of money on different hair care products. You can try any of these easy home remedies and see what works best for you. What’s your favorite oily hair remedy?