11 Terrific Bun Hairstyle Ideas


The bun hairstyle is in right now. Men hate it. Busy moms love it. Lazy ladies love it. Successful women love it. You love it. Who cares that guys hate it?

Bun hairstyles are so different and so beautiful that it’s hard to resist the temptation to try at least one bun hairstyle idea today. Bun hairstyles always look fabulous, fresh and can be changed each day.

Just because men dislike buns doesn’t mean we, girls, should rock waves and curls only. Whether you have medium length hair or long hair, give these bun hairstyle ideas a try to look awesome at school, in the office, and even on a date.

1. Donut bun

Gone are the days when only little girls wore donut buns. Nowadays every woman can rock this hairstyle without feeling ashamed.

While this bun hairstyle isn’t the best idea for your date, especially the first one – I don’t know why but most guys think that shy girls wear donut buns, it’s great for work, travelling and exercise. Who doesn’t want to look stylish during the workout?

2. Chignon bun

One of the best bun hairstyles many celebrities swear by is definitely chignon. Chignon buns can be clean-cut, stylish and elegant or loose, simple and casual. They are ideal for last-minute updos and bad hair days.

Choose your favorite one and do the next morning to impress your boyfriend, coworkers or just yourself! Once you master the technique, you won’t be afraid of the word “chignon” anymore.

3. Knot bun

The knot bun hairstyle is quick and easy to do, and it’s not for lazy days only. It’s perfect for school, work and trips. When done correctly, you don’t have to worry about messy hair and how and where to fix your hairstyle. Look for the tutorials on YouTube, if you have no idea how to do the knot bun hairstyle.

4. Side chignon bun

If you’re sick and tired of classic bun hairstyles and you don’t know how to make your casual chignon bun look more stylish, give a side chignon bun a try. This bun looks glamorous, simple and fresh at the same time, which makes it a fabulous hairstyle for parties, weddings, date nights and girls’ nights alike. Just like with chignon bun, you can opt for elegant or casual look.

5. Tuck and wrap bun

If you have a super thick and long hair, and you don’t know how to cope with it early in the morning when you have to rush out the door, the tuck and wrap bun is all you need to speed up your morning beauty routine. This bun hairstyle seems to be complicated, but it’s actually quick and easy to do. It doesn’t look like a classic bun, and according to online voting, guys find this hairstyle beautiful and even sexy.

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6. Messy top knot bun

If you’re looking for something unique yet super simple, a messy top knot bun is exactly what you need. It’s a popular hair trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.

If you have tons of thick hair, or curly or wavy hair, a messy top knot bun can make your everyday life easier. The messy top knot bun is not only great for lazy days off and shopping days, you can wear it to college or work too.

7. Spiral twist bun

Whether braided or not, the spiral twist bun hairstyle is excellent for any occasion – be it a wedding day or a birthday party. This bun doesn’t look like a bun. It looks like a complicated hairstyle that, in fact, you can do at home in less than 15 minutes. Although it’s hard to accomplish it with a long, thick hair, it works well with a long, thin hair.

8. Classic ballet bun

Okay, a classic ballet bun doesn’t look as awesome as other bun hairstyles, but it still deserves our attention. When you have a strict hairstyle policy at work, a ballet bun may be a win-win solution.

This hairstyle lasts during the entire working day and you don’t look boring at all. On the contrary, you show others that it’s possible to look fabulous while still wearing a strict hairstyle.

9. Bow bun

Not only is it a fun look, it’s a last-minute look as well. The bow bun isn’t the best hairstyle for work and date night, but you can wear it out to party, college or school, if allowed.

While your partner won’t understand your choice, your gal pals will definitely like it. Plus, everyone’s eyes will be on you – we don’t see a bow bun hairstyle each day, after all.

10. Low sleek braided bun

This one is wonderful for work as well as for any occasion you have on your calendar. Whether you combine a fishtail braid or a casual braid with your low bun, you’ll look terrific all day long.

Wear it casually or dressed up to be on top of the world. They say, a beautiful hairstyle can change your life. Well, maybe a low sleek braided bun won’t change your life, but it will definitely boost your mood and confidence.

11. Messy braided bun

Looking for a chic look for a cocktail party, the prom or your wedding day? Messy braided bun is here to help you look amazingly beautiful and absolutely special!

It may take you more time to create this hairstyle, but it’s worth it. Not every girl knows that a messy braided bun is easy to do, because it looks really complicated. So be the first to rock this hairstyle at work or college!

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When it comes to bun hairstyles, the sky is the limit. Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine different techniques for extra-pretty looks.

Look for tutorials online if you can’t afford to visit a hairstylist. You can master any hairstyle, just don’t give up after the first failure.

So, ladies, what’s your favorite bun hairstyle? Any ideas to share?