4 Biggest Reasons Shy Girls Make Fantastic Wives


There was a time where being a shy girl means getting ignored by your much bolder friends all the time. You could even lose your everyday man crush to your friends because you’re shy and not bold enough to show how you feel. But suddenly there has been a turnaround of preference, as shy girls are now in vogue.

Most men would rather go for shy girls when dating because they make fantastic wives. As a shy girl, you are now what they call a rare commodity and should embrace every bit of your shyness. Men have always been known to change their preference in women from time to time, but here are some reasons why shy girls make fantastic wives:

1. Challenge and excitement

Remember when you got your first paycheck, how good it felt because you had to work to get it. The stress and challenge made it all the more fulfilling, right? That is how men feel when they always have to go through challenges and hurdles. It keeps them excited and interested.

Shy girls are very quiet and do not easily open up, so it is very challenging to peel off their layers of shield gradually to get to know more about them and what they are thinking. Every man loves a good chase and with shy girls, every day is a race.

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2. Male domination

Men love to be in charge, and shy girls prefer being in the background; this alone is self-explanatory. Men are naturally dominating, but when they are in a relationship or married to a bold woman, there is little or no room for that. They are outspoken and would not give you the time of day.

With a shy woman, you do not have to worry about that because even if she does not like your decisions, she goes about it in a less aggressive way, which is soothing to the male ego. Men love their egos to be stroked, and the best way to do this is to make them feel they are in charge, which shy women have no problem doing.

3. Peace

Due to the quiet and calm nature of shy girls, they are skilled at resolving disputes peacefully. If you are a guy who has no strength or fighting skills, just find a shy girl and marry her. Dating or marrying a bold and outspoken lady should include taekwondo or boxing lessons.

Because as much as an outgoing woman is fun to hang out with, they are more likely to get in a fight more than half of the time. They have no problem saying their mind in any manner they deem fit leaving you the man to fight to protect them. Save you the stress and hospital bills, marry a shy woman for your peace of mind.

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4. More loving

Another reason why shy girls make fantastic wives is that actions speak louder than words. A shy woman might not tell you how she feels about you every day, but she shows you with her everyday actions.

So if you think that shy girls finish last, think again because they have got traits that a lot of men look out for when they want to walk down the aisle.