8 Flirting Tips for Shy Girls


If you are a shy girl, it is extremely difficult to know how to flirt. None of us wants to be turned down, right?

Sometimes you should take the initiative, because how can a boy know that you like him if you don’t give him any signs? If you are a shy girl, I’ve got for you 8 flirting tips, which will definitely help you.

1. Practise

If you are really afraid to flirt, try some practice. I’m not going to tell you that you should enlist your friends and do those boring “interview” kinds of role plays.

Just imagine that you are speaking to a boy, and think about those things you would like to say. Trust me, and it will be much easier when you try it out in real life.

2. Don’t overdo it

It is probably the most important tip on how to flirt with a guy if you are a shy girl. Don’t try too hard, because it will be obvious if you are uncomfortable!

Also, don’t be clingy because you will look so desperate, and he might think that you are up for anything. Try to relax and keep your flirting playful and light.

3. Play a role

If you think that you’re not good at flirting, and boys won’t be interested in you, you should try to see yourself as a different person, a girl who is appealing to boys. Imagine that you are an actress and playing a role, and it will soon become much easier.

4. Smile

There is nothing better and more attractive than a beautiful and genuine smile! It is very important not to let your shyness stop you from smiling. Boys love smiles!

Also, it would help if you avoided a player smile and a nervous smile because you will look a little crazy. Show off those pretty dimples, and let your genuine smile reach your beautiful eyes.

5. Show interest

Any guy will be attracted to a girl who doesn’t answer his questions and doesn’t show any interest in him. That’s a big problem for most shy girls!

Of course, it’s difficult to talk to boys when you’re so shy. But you should try to express an interest in what boys are saying, and don’t forget to ask them questions.

6. Try to use your best feature

If you are a shy girl, you might think that you don’t have any best features. In fact, you do!

It can be your beautiful eyes, stunning smile, or gorgeous curls, so make the most of it. If you have beautiful eyes, look right at the boy, he will love that!

7. Listen

Almost all people like to feel that someone listens to what they are saying. If you want to flirt with a boy, you should show that you are listening to him. He will find that really great!

Of course, you need to pay attention to his conversation, but don’t just listen; you should say something too! You can also ask some questions, which are based on what he is saying.

8. Avoid groups

It’s better not to try flirting when there are many other boys and girls around because you will find it very intimidating. That’s why if you want to flirt with a boy, try to get him away from the company to somewhere a bit quieter. It will be much easier to flirt with a guy without an audience!

It’s tough to flirt when you’re a shy girl, but sometimes you should be the one to get things started! Nowadays, girls can’t expect boys to do all the work. Now it’s essential to work on overcoming that shyness.

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