10 Easy Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes


The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive and it’s important to care for it every single day. You know, the first thing that other people notice about you is your face.

Having dark circles or puffiness under your eyes may not send the message you want to send. Luckily, there are a number of simple, time-tested home remedies that do wonders for puffy eyes.

1. Cold Tea Bags

The best way to do this is to boil water and pour just enough over the tea bags to wet them. Let them cool in a refrigerator and then place them on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

It isn’t necessary to use caffeinated tea, but caffeine will help to reduce puffiness to an even greater degree. It can even help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Cucumbers

Everyone knows about applying cucumber slices to the eyes to reduce puffiness, but few know that there is a second, even more effective way to use this vegetable for puffiness. A juice, made by blending a cucumber, will act as a highly effective astringent. Just spread it around your eyes and leave it for fifteen minutes before rinsing it away.

3. Potatoes

Believe it or not, potatoes are great for your eyes. They contain an enzyme, called catecholase, that can lighten skin and reduce the dark circles associated with puffiness. If you use cool potato slices, the cooling effect will also help to reduce puffiness.

You can also puree the potatoes to create a paste, which is even more effective because it forms to the skin better. This remedy takes about thirty minutes to work.

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4. Mint Leaves

Crush a few mint leaves up and set them under your eyes. The natural astringent effect of mint will help to reduce puffiness and lessen dark circles. This treatment only takes five minutes, so it is great for people who are in a hurry.

You can mix the crushed mint with a bit of honey or olive oil to create a paste. Honey has its own beauty effects, including antimicrobial properties that can reduce acne.

5. Rose Water

Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties and contains vitamins A and C, which are known to be beneficial to skin. Soak a cotton ball or cotton pad in rose water and place on your eyes for about ten minutes.

To make rose water, bring distilled water to a boil and then add rose petals. Let them simmer, in a covered pot, until the petals lose their coloration. Store the water in a cool place.

6. Almond Oil

Almond oil is highly effective at reducing dark circles under your eyes. You can make it by pureeing almonds in a blender with a little milk or you can buy almond oil in the baking aisle at most grocery stores and mix it with baking soda to make a paste. This is an overnight treatment, however, so it won’t work in a pinch.

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7. Salt

This one is the simplest of all. Mix half a teaspoon of salt into a quart of warm water. Dip cotton balls or pads into the water and apply them to your eyes for at least ten minutes.

The salt will draw water out of your skin and reduce the puffy appearance. If you decide to go longer than ten minutes, which is fine, then change out the cotton balls for new ones.

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8. Strawberries

Strawberries contain alpha-hydroxy acid, which is great for reducing aging effects on skin and for reducing under eye puffiness. Use strawberries that have been in the refrigerator to cool the skin and reduce swelling as well. Sliced strawberries can be placed on your eyes for a few minutes. This process is fast and effective, so it is nice to use when you don’t have much time.

9. Aloe Vera

Aloe is great for reducing swelling under the eyes, but it is slower than most of the remedies mentioned above. Plan to use aloe every day or every other day for a week before you see effects. It is a nice way to maintain your appearance over time, which is why many people put a little on before bed each night.

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10. Orange Juice

This one also takes some time, so use orange juice as a way to maintain appearance rather than as a quick fix. Most people make a paste by mixing orange juice with glycerine or a little gelatin.

They apply it under the eyes several times per week and leave it for several hours or over night. The beauty of orange juice is that it contains vitamin C, which is outstanding for skin health.

Puffiness occurs because lymphatic drainage from the area under the eye can’t keep up with the rate at which fluid is being deposited there. The remedies above work by either reducing the deposition of fluid or by aiding in its removal. For a long term solution to puffy eyes, get adequate rest and avoid excessive salt in your diet as it can cause you to retain water.

A little caffeine in your diet will also help by acting as a natural diuretic (removes water from the body.) Dietary and lifestyle approaches are slower, but also more lasting. What’s your favorite home remedy for puffy eyes?