10 Fun Family Weekend Activities


Weekends are happy days, especially when you spend them with your family. Make the most of your upcoming weekend, and plan something that is leisurely for the elders, fun for adults, and educative for the children. Check out a few ideas for what you can do together on a family weekend.

1. Have a karaoke evening

If you don’t visit a karaoke restaurant or club, it doesn’t mean that you can’t karaoke. Think of throwing a fun weekend evening for the entire family.

Set up a karaoke system, source good tunes and notch up the volume of the microphone. Your family will enjoy singing their favorite songs with good drinks and food to follow.

2. Have a barbecue

A BBQ night is one of the best ways to rejoice with your family and keep everyone involved all the time. While adults can drink a few beers, interested cooks can manage the barbecue grill and children can play outdoor games.

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3. Have a dance party

Who said you can dance only in expensive elite clubs or bars? Why not arrange a family dance party in your living room? All you have to do is to arrange for good drinks and food, attach some lights, and set a creative theme for the party so that the entire family can have fun.

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4. Watch a movie at home

Watching a family favorite movie at home can be the perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend. You can also watch the latest blockbuster, an informative nature documentary that all family members find interesting or a movie you loved as a kid.

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5. Watch a game

What can be more exciting for a family than going for a football, basketball or baseball game? Even if you don’t have tickets to a big match, you can opt for some local sporting events. Spend an interesting weekend evening rooting for your favorite team and eating up some hot dogs.

6. Visit a fruit farm

Spending a day at a local fruit farm can be really fun, especially for children, because they will have an opportunity to see how a farm functions, and to pick up some fruits. While children and teenagers get busy, adults can enjoy a picnic and relax.

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7. Look at family pictures together

When was the last time you looked at old family photographs? Gather your extended and immediate family members and ask them to bring in common family photographs.

To make it a great family evening you can view these pictures on a projector. Lots of embarrassing anecdotes and funny stories pour through the evening.

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8. Clean the patio, garage or attic

This is another fun activity that your whole family might want to pursue in the weekend. Set some rewards for those who clean the fastest, put on music, and make an apparently dull job interesting and lively.

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9. Play a game

It can be a card game, video game or board game. Playing indoor games will keep all your family members involved through the weekend. Pick out one of the most popular card games, board games, video games on Nintendo Wii, PlayStation or other indoor games such as billiard or table tennis.

10. Paint each other’s faces

While face painting may seem childish, adults can enjoy it equally. Today, there are a lot of damage free face paints available on the market.

So why not spend the evening painting each other’s faces with bright colors and crazy designs? Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures for memory.

These are some of fun family weekend activities. Do you have something to add? Share your thoughts, please!