7 Fun Family Activities for Earth Day


Fun family activities for Earth Day are the best way of everybody doing their bit. It’s a great opportunity to spend time together and have a lot of fun on an important day. Check out a few fun family activities for Earth Day.

1. Plant something

Plant a seed in your garden and watch as it sprouts into a tree. It will help your local ecosystem, and if everybody does it you can find your area full of interesting plant life. Stick to plants that require a minimal amount of care and can survive in your local environment, while providing a home for local insects and birds.

2. Cook at home

On Earth Day have some family fun by cooking or baking something delicious in the kitchen. Choose foods with a minimum amount of processing and try to spend a bit extra on local produce to help your local food producers.

3. Volunteer

Join up with a local volunteer group and help other people. Pick up neighborhood trash, plant some trees in the park and make your area a better place to live. You can also form your own group and help elderly people.

4. Calculate your footprints

The Earth Day Network site has a footprint calculator that you can use to know how your family’s everyday life impacts our planet. The result of this interactive quiz is a shocking revelation for children and a good way for them to understand environmental problems.

5. Watch green movies

Another fun family activity for Earth Day is to watch green movies, like Madagascar, Finding Nemo, Ice Age. My family enjoys watching Ice Age, because it displays what could happen to most species of wildlife if the global warming situation is not addressed. Watching green movies will help your kids appreciate many endangered species in the world.

6. Have a green picnic

One of the best family fun activities for Earth Day is to have a green picnic. Go to your local park and keep your pollution levels down. To reduce waste, try to use biodegradable tableware. You can also take your trash and allow it to decompose in compost pile. Picnic is a great way to spend some quality time with your family and friends as well!

7. Learn about the message of Earth Day

There are many websites, such as Planet Pals, that have a lot of information about Earth Day and its origins. If you have some time you can also help other kids to understand the message of Earth Day by suggesting your local school to have a special day dedicated to this holiday. Activities can include anything from making colorful leaflets to giving presentations.

What are you going to do on Earth Day? Do you know any fun family activities for this holiday? Share your thoughts, please!