10 Incredibly Fun Summer Family Activities


Got plans for the summer? If not, you need some! Parents can only hear “I’m bored!” so many times before they start driving by the school hoping that a miracle will occur and it will be open.

Summer is all about fun so if you still don’t have any ideas what to do, here are ten great ideas for filling up those long summer days and nights.

1. Discover geocaching

Geocaching is an adventure game where you use a GPS device (like a smartphone) to find a hidden container. All geocaches contain logbooks, and some contain small items geocachers can take. You can do a search for “geocaching” and your location to find nearby caches. The listing will tell you how far you’ll have to walk and how difficult the cache is to find.

Once you find it, you sign the logbook and, if there are other items in the container, you may take one and leave something of equal or greater value in return. Geocaching is a great way to find adventure right in your hometown.