3 Tips for Healthy Teens to Become Happy Adults


Health is paramount to happiness. When you are feeling your best, you tend to accomplish more, and enjoy the rewards of your efforts. Whether it’s work or play, feeling up to the task directly effects the outcome.

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle when you’re a teenager is ultimately important for life and aspirations, because in adolescence the stage is set for your remaining years. The habits you set now concerning your diet and exercise routines will affect your potential in life across the board.

1. Eat well

When you eat well and maintain a fitness regimen during your teenage years, risk factors associated with early adult mortality decrease significantly.

2. Avoid tobacco and drugs

Avoidance of detrimental activities such as tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use further increase the odds that you will be successful and happy. The reason it is important to address these concerns during adolescence is simple: Old habits die hard.

Many adults suffering from acquired illnesses and health issues such as obesity and addiction started on those paths during these very important formative years. It is increasingly harder to undo the damage once progressed into adulthood.

3. Do physical activities

They’d do well also to encourage their children’s physical participation in sports. It doesn’t matter if you are the track team’s star long distance runner, or just routinely walking or cycling to friend’s houses.

So when parents encourage their kids to eat their vegetables, and to stay away from drugs and bad habits, they are providing a foundation for a happy future. Living healthy in your teen years will insure a fulfilling destiny whatever your dreams and desires.