5 Ways to Understand Teen Girl Mind


Being a teenage boy can be very difficult, but one of the most tiring and common issues teen boys have is understanding the opposite sex. Between the different fashion trends, endless gossip and tight knit cliques, girls can be hard to understand and talk to. There are, however, a few tips that can turn any guy into a dating mastermind.

1. Girls like compliments

You see it in movies all the time, guys saying nice, sometimes untrue, things to get a girl’s attention. Though lying to a girl is not a good idea, complimenting her every now and then will get you noticed.
Note: Telling her she has a hot body probably won’t work; try telling her you like her hair or eyes instead.

2. Girls like it when you take action

Girls like being chased, even more so when they are getting attention that most girls don’t get. Try writing her notes, or leaving her flowers in her locker. Be creative in how you express your liking for her and she will reciprocate.
Note: Taking a girl on a special date, not just dinner and a movie, will be remembered. Try a picnic at the park at sunset – and don’t forget to bring some music to set the mood.

3. Girls like it when you cuddle them

Though you might not want to cuddle all the time, your girl will definitely appreciate it. Girls view this as intimate time together and give them the impression that you really care about them, and don’t just want sex. Plus, cuddling can be an excellent time to talk about all of those things you can’t talk about with anyone else but her.

4. Girls like it when you listen

Though they might not admit it, it hurts a girl’s feelings when you don’t listen to them. Communicating is how girls establish relationships, and if you can’t show that you can listen to what she’s saying, a girl will go and find someone who can.
Note: Nodding your head randomly while playing video games doesn’t count.

5. Girls like it when you touch them

Though you may remember more physical interactions between you and your girl, it’s the small moments that she will remember, like when you hold her hand under the table or play with her hair. These little things reassure a girl that you care about her and remind her that she is special – something no relationship can survive without.

Though dating can be difficult during your teen years, it does not have to be impossible, and with the right knowledge anyone can woo the girl of their dreams. Understanding even a little part about how the teen girl operates will go a long way.