10 Best Eye Makeup Tips for Teens


As a girl entering your teen years, you experience numerous changes in your body. You begin to develop breasts and womanly curves and your menstrual cycle commences. You may also notice that you receive appreciative glances when you walk down the street. It is obvious that you are not a little girl any more, and you may want to look as grown up as possible. This is understandable, and your teenage years are the ideal time to experiment with new looks. Following these ten eye makeup tips will allow you to express your growing maturity without sacrificing your fresh-faced youthfulness.

1. Less is Often More

Many teenage girls pile on three or four shades of eye shadow along with thick eyeliner and multiple coats of mascara. Unless you are performing as a backup singer for Rihanna or Katy Perry, that much eye makeup is too much. You can call plenty of attention to your eyes with one or two shades of eye shadow and a single coat of mascara.