10 Steps to Natural Looking False Eyelashes


False eyelashes are great for special evenings or a glamorous night on the town, but making them look natural can take time. With a few tricks and a little patience, you can make false lashes blend flawlessly with your own lashes. Here are ten steps for making false lashes look perfectly natural.

1. Choose Wisely

Choosing the false lashes that are right for your eyes is the first step to ensuring a good outcome. False lashes shouldn’t be too dense or too long. They are going to blend in with your natural lashes, not replace them entirely. Look for lashes set on a clear band rather than on a black band. Try to choose brown lashes over black, unless you are absolutely certain your lashes are jet black.

Consider using individual false lashes rather than standard strips when you want a less bulky look. Individual lashes are easier to blend than lash strips and thus look a lot more natural. You can apply as many of these as you like to achieve a desired fullness, but the process can take more time than a lash strip if you plan on applying several bundles. One advantage to individual lashes is that if they come off accidentally, the difference between your eyes will be less noticeable than if the same thing happens with lash strips.

2. Proper Preparation

False eyelashes are not ready to use out of the box, but rather need to be prepared if they are to look as natural as possible. Bending the lashes back and forth, in a gentle way, will soften them up and help them adhere to your eyelid. After softening them, dry fit the lashes to see how their length matches your own lashes. It’s fine if they are a little longer than your regular lashes, but false lashes shouldn’t be substantially longer. If it is necessary to trim the false lashes, start at the other edge and work inward.

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3. Spread the Glue

When you are ready to attach the lashes, spread a thin line of glue on the lash strip and then blow on it to make it tacky. This will help the lash stick when you apply it and will prevent it from sliding off as the glue dries. Sometimes it is easier to spread the glue onto a surface, such as the back of your hand, and then dip the lash strip into the glue.

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4. Inside Out

Always start your lash application form the outer corner of your lash line. Never start at the edge of your eyelid, but rather where your lashes naturally begin. Use tweezers to press the strip down, working from outside in. This part can be nerve wracking, so do a few dry runs to get used to putting tweezers near your eye.

5. Hold Tight

Hold the edges of the lash down for a few minutes to allow the glue to dry. It may help to use an open lash curler to hold the strip in place. This can get tiring, so make sure you have a place to rest your arms while you hold the lashes in place.

6. Eyeliner

Apply eyeliner along the lash line. Use a small makeup brush to make it even and blend it into your eyelid. Sometimes liquid eyeliner works better in this situation. Take care to fill in any gaps between the lash strip and your own lashes to create a natural look.

7. Curl

Once the glue is dry, use an eyelash curler to bend the lashes. You want to get your natural lashes and the newly added false lashes to curve on the same radius. The more uniform the curve, the more natural the look will be.

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8. Apply Mascara

Use mascara to blend your natural and false lashes together. A quality mascara will make this step much easier. Remember that you should never apply mascara to the lower lash.

9. Take Down

False lashes can be used more than once; taking them off correctly is important to getting a natural look the next time you put them on. Start by loosening the glue with makeup remover. When the lash is loose, pull it gently away from your eyelid. Clean the lash thoroughly to remove all traces of makeup and glue as well as any bacteria that might be growing on it. Store the lash in the case it came in.

10. Makeup and False Lashes

Chances are good that you are wearing eyeshadow with your false lashes. If so, think about whether you want to put it on before or after the lashes. Many people find it easier to put eye shadow on first and then touch it up after the false lash is in place.

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You many want your false lashes to look obviously fake for dramatic effect or just for fun. More often than not, however, you want the lashes to look natural. The tips above will help you achieve a natural look with false lashes, but they are no substitute for patience. Patience is truly a virtue when it comes to making false lashes look like the real thing. How often do you wear false eyelashes?