The Secret of Getting Beautifully Long Eyelashes

Framing the eyes and making them appear attractive and larger is easier when you have long lashes. The long eyelashes give most women the look they desire.

They make the face look prettier and bring in a stronger feminine look. The look comes automatically with longer lashes and, therefore, you may not need makeup. If you do, you just require a little of it.

There are some tips that work great for eyelash enhancement to make you look prettier. They are cheap, thus don’t drain your pocket. All you need is patience. The secret of getting beautifully long eyelashes is simple and doesn’t include the use of any mascara to give false or fake looks.

1. Remove your mascara properly

The regular mascara has the effect of giving the illusion and appearance of thicker and lightened eyelashes. This, therefore, indicates the lack of the need or essence to have to invest heavily in the lash extensions or to have to buy fiber mascara.

However, improper use of mascara can do more harm than good. It can cause lash loss through premature breakage. This becomes the case if you’re not careful while removing the mascara.

If this is the case, the result is suffering from breakages and loss of the lashes. There are some practices that are healthy for the lashes.

Take the mascara off during the night. Beauty therapists claim that the night is the best time to get rid of the mascara from the eyes. Always have it off at night and never sleep with it on.

Otherwise, this will encourage loss of lashes and make it difficult to remove or wash off in the morning. Even if you use mascara every day, make this a habit and a routine.

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2. Don’t use waterproof mascaras on a daily basis

Waterproof mascara is hard to get rid of in most cases. Moreover, it causes dryness in the lashes. If you want to continue using your waterproof mascara, it is essential to ensure that you remove it before sleep and don’t use it daily.

Be ready for serious work of scrubbing and sweating. If you have the mascara sticking in the eye or fail to remove it properly, you may suffer from severe lash dryness, breakage, and loss.

The brutality of this type of mascara comes in while rubbing it off or cleaning to get rid of it. Don’t scrub too hard, instead, opt for the makeup remover. Using the remover is much better and gentler.

Unlike scrubbing, the remover doesn’t cause harm and keeps your lashes healthy. Since cheap and low-quality removers may require a lot of rubbing, tugging, and pulling, purchase a high-quality remover.

3. Condition your eyelashes regularly

Conditioning is essential to have longer eyelashes. Conditioning helps to prevent breakage and the loss of the lashes. Condition your eyelashes regularly makes them longer and thicker.

Applying a light layer of Vaseline to the lashes before bed is a surefire way to get longer eyelashes naturally. It is also advisable to include more vitamin D in your diet.

Vitamin D is good for hair growth thus it works as an effective eyelash enhancer. If you don’t have Vaseline, opt for almond or coconut oil that makes the eyelids softer, and conditions the lashes.

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In addition to having longer, thicker, and more attractive lashes, you can use a trick to make them stand out. You can start by going for the mascara that has a wand that is super thin.

Then make use of an eyelash curler and remove any clumps. Spread the lashes with the help of a lash comb and you are ready to go!

Some women believe longer eyelashes give them a unique look. Fake eyelashes are outdated. Naturally long eyelashes can make you look beautiful without fiber mascara and heavy makeup. The steps mentioned above will help you get longer and thicker lashes in a matter of a few weeks.