10 Ways to Protect Your Eyelashes from Damage


Like hair on any part of the body, eyelashes can be damaged or even lost. Even makeup and beauty practices can cause problems when it comes to eyelashes.

You want to enhance the lashes that you have, not lose them. To avoid damage to your eyelashes, follow these ten tips.

1. Limit Mascara Use

Daily mascara use can be very harmful to eyelashes, though it isn’t clear why. Experts recommend that you wear mascara on limited occasions and take holidays from the product if you often wear it. Additionally, avoid daily use of mascara that is designed to stay in place for long periods of time.

Twenty-four hour mascara may be convenient, but it can be very damaging to your eyelashes. Look for mascara that contains vitamin E and other essential oils that are good for lash health.

Consider wearing eyelash primer, which goes on before mascara and protects the lashes from the harsher ingredients in both mascara and eyeliner. Look for primers that contain pro-keratin. And don’t forget to remove mascara before bed, even if you wear primer.