10 Reasons to Switch from Glasses to Contacts


Glasses are great. They correct your vision, and they can be a stylish fashion accessory. But let’s face it: they’re awfully inconvenient.

Fortunately, contacts are a great option for most people who don’t want to wear glasses. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch, consider these ten benefits of wearing contacts.

1. Constant adjusting

For most people, wearing glasses means nonstop fiddling and adjusting. They slide down your nose, and you have to push them back up. They hurt your ears, so you try to adjust the earpieces without breaking them. And then there’s the cleaning.

Some days it seems like you can’t walk from your car to the office without your glasses getting dirty. Contacts eliminate all of that hassle. Once they’re in, you usually don’t have to think about them again until you’re ready to take them out.

2. Weather malfunctions

A raincoat can keep your hair and clothes dry, but it won’t do much for your glasses. Until glasses come with mini windshield wipers, rain can quickly render them useless.

And then there’s the problem of leaving a cool building and stepping outside on a steamy day: glasses that are completely fogged over. With contacts, you’re not at the mercy of the weather.

3. Sunglasses

Have you ever envied your friends who have five pair of sunglasses and who almost always have a pair pushed adorably up off of their foreheads? You can’t do that with glasses. Prescription sunglasses are too expensive to have a pair for every outfit.

And a lot of the “transition” lenses require direct UV rays to change color, which makes them next to useless in the car. With contacts, you can enjoy the convenience and fun of sunglasses.

4. Field of vision

With glasses, you have a limited field of vision. The earpieces always obstruct your peripheral vision.

And even if you have rimless lenses, there’s always that sharp line where your vision drops off if you look over or under your lenses. That’s not a concern with contacts; they move with your eyes.

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5. Sports

When it comes to sports, glasses are sometimes a necessary evil. You can’t see without them, but they get in the way when you’re hurtling down the soccer field or across the tennis court.

And then there are water sports – it’s hard to enjoy skiing when you’re worried about your glasses flying off. Contacts take the hassle out of playing sports.

6. Accidents

Have you ever thought about what you’d do if you were in a car accident and your glasses got lost or broken? Would you be able to see well enough to get your kids out of the car? What about finding your driver’s license and insurance card?

The aftermath of an accident is no time to be struggling with poor vision. With contacts, you’ll always be able to see in an emergency.

7. Watching TV

A lot of people like to watch TV in bed, but if you’ve ever tried lying on your side to watch TV while wearing glasses, you know that it’s more trouble than it’s worth. With contacts, you don’t have to be at the mercy of your glasses when you’re trying to get comfortable.

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8. Scratches

If you think a chip in your windshield is bad, try a scratch in your glasses. You try to look over, under, or around the scratch, but sometimes it’s just right in your field of vision.

When that happens, there’s nothing to do but buy yet another pair of expensive glasses. Unlike glasses, contacts don’t get scratched.

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9. Makeup

If your vision is really poor, you know that trying to put on makeup without your glasses is like trying to paint your nails while wearing mittens. No matter how closely you press your nose against the mirror, you’re just not going to get the same results as someone who can see what they’re doing. Contacts let you do that. In addition, they make it easier for other people to see the results of all of your hard work!

10. Appearance

While glasses can be a stylish addition to your wardrobe, sometimes you’d just rather the attention be on your face rather than your glasses. Whether you’re attending a formal party or going out on a first date, contacts give you the option of putting your best face forward.

It’s always good to have a pair of glasses on hand. There will be days when you just don’t feel like bothering with your contacts. And then there are the days when you have a cold or when you stayed up too late the night before, and your eyes just aren’t cooperating. But there are lots of reasons to consider relegating your glasses to a supporting role and letting contacts take center stage.

Do you prefer glasses or contacts?