10 Reasons to Switch from Glasses to Contacts


Glasses are great. They correct your vision, and they can be a stylish fashion accessory. But let’s face it: they’re awfully inconvenient.

Fortunately, contacts are a great option for most people who don’t want to wear glasses. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch, consider these ten benefits of wearing contacts.

1. Constant adjusting

For most people, wearing glasses means nonstop fiddling and adjusting. They slide down your nose, and you have to push them back up. They hurt your ears, so you try to adjust the earpieces without breaking them. And then there’s the cleaning.

Some days it seems like you can’t walk from your car to the office without your glasses getting dirty. Contacts eliminate all of that hassle. Once they’re in, you usually don’t have to think about them again until you’re ready to take them out.