9 Tips to Improve Your Vision


More than ever, we are using our eyes to stare at small images and type on cell phones, televisions, and computer screens, and that leads to eye fatigue and age-related eye diseases. With blindness, incidence of cataract, and age-related macular degeneration, it’s become vitally important to take care of the eyes. Check out some helpful tips to improve your vision.

1. Increase your vitamin intake

Vitamins C and A play a significant role in improving your eyesight and protecting against eye related diseases and blindness. Hence, take a multivitamin every day or get the daily dose of vitamins from your healthy diet.

2. Eat more fruits

Fruits have high antioxidant content. The richest source of antioxidants is blueberries. So eat a lot of blueberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Such fruits as dried apricots, acerolas, bilberries, guavas, cantaloupe, kiwis, apples, grapes and lemons help improve your eyesight and prevent age-related macular degeneration.

3. Aim the car vents away from your eyes

The dry air conditioning sucks the moisture out of your eyes. Dry eyes can cause corneal abrasions and blindness as well. To avoid above mentioned eye problems, point the vents in your car down at your feet, but not your eyes.

4. Eat green leafy vegetables

Zeaxanthin and lutein are two antioxidants, which are very beneficial for your eyes. Green leafy vegetables contain an abundance of these antioxidants. Consume such veggies as kale, cabbage, spinach, lettuce and broccoli to reduce the risk of cataract and age-related macular degeneration.

5. Let your eyes relax

It’s extremely important to avoid excessive stress on your eyes. There are some eye relaxation exercises that you can do at work and at home, and that will help you to relax your eyes and improve your eyesight. Put your palms on your face so that the fingers are on your forehead and palms cup your eyes. Shut your eyes and sit for some time. When you open your eyes you will feel the difference. You can also try another exercise. Lightly rub your palms till they warm, and place them on your eyes and do not let light in.

6. Blink

Blinking your eyes is very essential. It freshens up your eyes and also keeps them focused longer. Try to blink your eyes every 4 seconds. In this way you will reduce your eye strain and improve your vision.

7. Position the computer to below eye level

Positioning your computer screen to below eye level will help reduce eye strain. This will also avert your eyes from becoming completely dry as it allows moisture to be retained.

8. Wear sunglasses

Wear sunglasses every time you head out of your house in order to shield your eyes from the sun. Wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from harmful UV light and reduce the risk of cataract.

9. Increase the flexibility of your eyes

With the overuse of any muscle, it loses its flexibility and gets strained. The same thing goes for your eyes. When you’re staring at the computer screen or watching TV for a long period of time, your eyes lose their flexibility and get strained. That’s why don’t keep your eyes in the same position for too long.

These are only a few ways to improve your vision. Do you know some other ways? Share your thoughts, please!