6 Signs You Are Dating a Player


Being in a relationship with a man who is committed enough to respect you and is really serious about you is beautiful. But sometimes, the man you are with may be just a player who doesn’t want anything serious and who is simply looking for some fun. How could you tell if the man you are with is decent and serious or is a player? Check out some signs that you’re dating a player.

1. He doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend

Your boyfriend never talks about close friends, his family, or relatives, and always changes the subject when you ask him something about it. When you ask him to introduce you to his friends or family, he either often makes up a strange excuse why it’s not immediately possible or keeps on postponing.

2. He doesn’t answer your calls

Every time when you call him up, he always finds some excuse not to answer it. He is always busy and has something to do so he can’t receive your calls. But the truth is that he may be avoiding you. This is a sure sign that he is a player and you are not important to him.

3. He doesn’t have time to spend with you

When you ask him to spend time with you on a certain day, he is always not available. He is either having some engagement or too busy with work and he can’t be with you, especially on weekends and on major holidays. He is a player and these days he goes out hunting for a new playmate!

4. You never know where he is

This is another sure sign you are dating a player. You always get unclear answers like an “important project” or “meeting”, but that’s about it. His whereabouts is always unclear and you can’t tell where he is at any given point in time.

5. He drinks a lot when he is with you

If you and your boyfriend always go to some night club or pub where drinking is involved, and he always drink a lot and ask you to do the same, stay away from him, because he is a player!

6. He never shares his phone number with you

You don’t have his phone number and you are not able to reach your boyfriend whenever you want. When you ask him for his phone number, he always tries explaining to you why he can’t give you. Even if your boyfriend gives you his number, you find that it’s either not reachable or out of service. He never gives you a stable number where you can reach him.

If you notice any of these signs in the man whom you are currently dating, think again. If your boyfriend is a player, he isn’t serious about you and you just waste your time. Are you dating a player? If yes, what are you going to do? Share your thoughts, please!