2 Ways to Get Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies


If you are a young adult and you like scrapbooking then chances are that you often wonder, “how do I get cheap scrapbooking supplies?” The following paragraphs will help you understand how to get good yet cheap supplies.

1. Shop online

The first way to get cheap scrapbook supplies is to shop online. There are various benefits of opting for online shopping and the biggest benefit is that most online shops offer products for a fraction of the price retail shops offer the same products for.

Also, online shops usually have a sale throughout the year which means that you can get your favourite supplies for a cheap rate at any time. Since online shops offer delivery of scrapbooking supplies you do not have to spend money on travelling and you can save that time to get your scrapbook ready before your supplies arrive.

While shopping online for scrapbook supplies compare prices of supplies on various shops and choose an online store that offers the best product for the lowest price. Some online shops also offer free shipping if you order for a certain amount hence you may want to order in bulk and save the extra items for later on.

2. Products in your house

The second way to get cheap scrapbooking supplies is to use products that you already have in your house. For instance if you have glass bangles that you do not use any more, you can use these glass bangles to make amazing designs in your scrapbook.

Remember, that while using any supplies that you already have, remember to ask your parents for permission. Also if you are using any sharp items like broken glass bangles then ask your parents to help you or use protective equipment to protect yourself.

Some of the products that can be recycled include strips of newspaper, strips of cloth, ceramic beads, buttons and pieces of ribbon. If you do not have glue to stick pictures into your scrapbook then you can use a paste made of flour and water.

While using this technique, it is important to remember that this paste can attract ants hence while using this technique, keep your scrapbook away from places where there are ants. You can also use a stapler for attaching pictures, but make sure that you use the stapler properly so that your supplies are not damaged.

If you have to pay for products online then always ask your parents’ permission before using any of their cards and make sure that the payment page begins with https instead of http since https implies that the payment is being processed through a secure gateway.