5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Scrapbooking Supplies


If you like scrapbooking then chances are that you are on the constant look out for good scrapbooking supplies. This article will help you understand a few things that must be remembered before you buy any supplies.

1. Pictures

Pictures are the most important part of a scrapbook, hence while making a scrapbook you should give importance to beautifying the primary picture. To do so, you will need decorative material t highlight your picture. It is always better to plan in advance on which materials you will need to highlight your picture so that you can execute your plan exactly as you want. By using the right decorative material, you can make a simple picture look spectacular.

2. Felt pens

It is always better to buy felt pens and other items that can dry in small quantities. However, dry scrapbooking supplies like buttons, ribbons, paper and cloth can be bought in large quantities provided that you have the place to keep them. Always remember to keep all the materials you have bought in a plastic cover such as a zip lock cover while storing them. Failure to do so can cause the supplies to get damages due to mildew, moisture and other natural factors.

3. Perfect roses

Although it appears that making roses and other flowers out of ribbon is extremely hard, the truth is that with a little practice you can learn to make perfect roses. By learning how to make roses out of scrapbooking supplies like ribbon you will be saving money since a roll of ribbon costs much lesser than readymade roses. There are many tutorials and videos online, through which you can learn to make the perfect rose.

4. Check carefully online stores

If you are buying items online or in bulk, make sure that you do not have a problem with you purchasing items online or in large quantities. If you are buying items online then look for a website that offers a good price on the products you want. Many online shops offer packages of scrapbooking supplies that have many different types of scrapbooking supplies in the package. Some online stores also offer discounts on whole sale purchases while others offer free delivery if you order for a certain amount.

5. Full refund or exchange

While buying supplies from a retail or online store, make sure that the store offers a full refund or exchange if any of the products you have purchased is defective. This is especially important if you buy supplies in a large quantity.