How to Build Scrapbook


Scrapbooking is a universally adored hobby for those wanting to capture their photos and memories for generations to come. There are many types of scrapbooks to create, and each one is as individual as the scrapbooker, so read on and enjoy. Here are some steps to get started with building a scrapbook.

1. Sorting and organizing

If you are facing a mountain of photos and memorabilia, the first thing to do is some general sorting. It can be overwhelming if you have, say, drawers or boxes or just piles of “stuff” but the method which works best is getting some file folders in a box and start naming them (eg: Christmas, Halloween, Kids, Family Vacations, etc.).

For more ideas, just go through your pictures! Being chronologically correct is not nearly as important as just getting started.

2. Make sure you have the supplies you need

First and foremost, you need a scrapbook. There are so many different kinds. It’s really up to you. If making sure your memories are saved forever, be sure to purchase an archival quality scrapbook. Tape or other adhesives are necessary as well.

Two-sided scrapbook tape works easily and inexpensively. Other tools needed are scissors, a pen for journalling and whatever else you can get your hands on. Scrapbooks get their personality not just from photos and keepsakes, but from stickers, coloured paper, ribbons, buttons, whatever you chose to adorn your pages.

3. Get Stared

This is not the time to hesitate. Now that you’ve got all of your memorabilia sorted and ready to go with supplies on hand, just open your book and start.

It’s easiest if you just chose a few pictures and memories with a theme and focus on a two-page spread. Be creative but not too picky of your pages. Just put your memories together the best you know how.

4. Sharing your memories

This is by far the best part. Once you start creating scrapbooks, share them with anyone who will sit and look at them. It’s a real accomplishment to put these archives together and one you should be proud of. People around the world have been scrapbooking for years.

You may go through stages where you might spend more time on this hobby than other times. When you make the commitment to work on your memories, you will always walk away feeling proud and revitalized. Reliving moments in your life which were worthy of keeping those photos and memorabilia is a fabulous reward.