11 Wonderful Books You Should Read in Your 20s


Everybody’s 20s are both a wonderful and fearful time in life, so reading these books during this period can be useful! Getting acquainted with these books won’t only give you some pieces of advice but will also help you to live through this time! It doesn’t matter if you are losing friends, moving after university, hesitating about your career, or are not satisfied being alone whilst seeing everybody getting married, be sure you are not lonely! Look through this list of books to read during your 20s and I am sure you will feel better.

1. Tha Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

This book is about Esther Greenwood who is clever, pretty, creative, and successful, but little by little this woman is going crazy. If you start to read this classic novel, you will be completely involved in the plot and will discover the grimmest places people can go. This book will be great for those to read during their 20s who should remember to stay sane!

2. What She Saw by Lucinda Rosenfeld

All we know is that breaking up is a very hard thing, but it’s a lot more difficult to grow up and break up at once. The book will tell you “what she saw”. This is a bit cheerful and a wonderful book which everybody has to read during their 20s!

3. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by Tom Robbins

The next book is merry and cordial at the same time; it will tell you about personal desires. The story is not true and you can actually get bored reading it at times, but you will be extremely connected with this book during your 20s since you are trying to be independent!

4. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

Everybody should read this book in their 20s! This amazing Dr. Seuss’s novel is about graduates from preschool to high school and opening plenty of doors before them. This book is colorful and it can help to get through if you don’t know what path to choose in life! Everything will come, do not be afraid!

5. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People by Toby Young

I think all people in the world need to read this wonderful book! The book is hilarious as well as live! Its cuteness and off-color tricks will completely pull you in.

6. Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

“Girls in White Dresses” is a helpful book to read during your 20s. It’s about three women experiencing a change in their career, family pressure, falling in love, and breaking up all whilst suffering through numerous marriages and bridal parties. The author makes it cheerful but still gets you through the uncertain early adult years when everybody is working and thinking about getting married and keeping thinking about what they want to be in the future.

7. Overqualified by Joey Comeau

When it’s hard for you to find a job or be the best candidate, read this book. Instead of writing resumes, Comeau shares his own childhood experience with the world. I am sure you do not want to write your resumes in such a way, and “Overqualified” will make you smile if you have written one hundred of them without result.

8. Main Street by Sinclair Lewis

“Main Street” is a classic book to read during your 20s! This will tell you a story about a woman from a big city who gets married to a doctor and moves to the Midwest. She becomes small-minded and wants to return to her former life.

9. MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche

When the author moves to Chicago, she becomes happy since she has started to live with her dream guy. But after their marriage, Rachel Bertsche has understood that she missed her friends. She began visiting “friend-dates” to get acquainted with her BFF one day. This is an amazing book to read during your 20s because you won’t have many friends after University!

10. Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

The next novel is about Franny Banks, an actress in New York City who is searching for a job as an actress whilst thinking of more essential things. Franny is dreaming about permanent work instead of a temporary one. She is a bit afraid realizing that she does not have any skills.

“Someday, Someday, Maybe” is a wonderful book that shows the fears many of us face during our 20s, and it is written by Lauren Graham! This is a cheerful and exciting book for people with dreams.

11. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

This novel tells about a woman who has a dream to work with an evil boss. I am sure you have watched the movie if you didn’t read the book. It’s up to you either to dream or not to dream about getting work in a big trendy magazine but reading “The Devil Wears Prada” during your 20s will show you what your worth is in the career world.

When you are halfway through your 20s, I am sure you’ll feel better when you read these books. When I graduated college I was afraid to come into the real world, I could not get work and was alone. I have forgotten about these problems four years later and these books helped me a lot! Which books can you recommend for reading during 20s?