45 Book Infographics to Help You Become a Bookworm


Goodness, books, how I love thee! I knew when I started researching this post on book infographics that I would be lost in it for a long time. If you love to read too, you probably love everything about books. So enjoy these wonderful infographics which will help you to become a bookworm!

Table of contents:

  1. Superhero Comic Books Reading Facts And Other Trivia
  2. The Anatomy Of A Bestselling Book
  3. The Elements Of Literature
  4. Why We Love Fantasy Series
  5. Shakespeare In Numbers
  6. A Visual Crash Course In All The Deaths In Shakespeare’s Tragedies
  7. The Benefits Of Reading
  8. YA Adaptations Of Classic Fairy Tales
  9. Books, The Ultimate Present
  10. The Milestones In J.D. Salinger’s Career That Led To The Catcher In The Rye
  11. 15 Words You Didn’t Know Came From Classic Literature!
  12. Do E-Reader Owners Read More Books
  13. The Stephen King Universe Flowchart
  14. Character Map Of Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice
  15. What’s Your Love Story
  16. The Greatest Books Of All Time
  17. Harry Potter Facts Revealed
  18. 22 Favorite Banned Books
  19. Favorite Books Of Famous People
  20. Best Books Of The 21st Century
  21. Word Counts Of History’s Most Famous Books
  22. What Species Of Reader Are You?
  23. Young Adult Heroines
  24. What Mega-Successful CEOs Are Reading
  25. The Many Benefits Of Reading
  26. To Read Or Not To Read E-Books
  27. The DNA Of A Book
  28. Most “Abandoned” Books
  29. Train Yourself To Read Faster
  30. Books Vs Movies: The Ultimate Showdown
  31. Most Controversial Books In The World
  32. Infographic: The “Harry Potter” Saga
  33. What Shakespeare Play Should I Read
  34. How To Find A Book In The Library
  35. Which Novel Is The Most Dickensian?
  36. Reading Comprehension
  37. What Makes Books Smell So Good?
  38. Females Autors’ Pen Names
  39. 10 Fun Facts About Dr. Seuss Books
  40. How Long Does It Take To Read Popular Books
  41. Book Facts
  42. The Most Popular Books Of All Time
  43. The 100 Most Beautiful Words
  44. The Evolution Of The Book
  45. Banned Books By The Numbers

1. Superhero Comic Books Reading Facts And Other Trivia