10 Great Ways to Cheer Up Your Friend


Every person needs to know how to cheer up friends. Life isn’t always easy and we have to handle difficult times every now and then.

If your close friend is going through a rough time, check out a few ways to cheer up your friend. It’s one thing to say you’ll be there, but another thing is to prove it.

1. Listen and understand

One of the most important ways to cheer up your friend is to be there for them. Focus on what your friend is saying and try to understand how they are feeling. Your friend may not be looking for opinions or advice, they may need someone to listen to their vent and encourage them.

2. Bake some cookies

Bake up a double batch of your friend’s favorite cookies. Give the first batch to them in person, and hide the second one somewhere for them to find later. Warm cookies and a big glass of warm milk seem to be the ultimate comfort food! Don’t you agree?

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3. Send a bouquet of beautiful flowers

I don’t know any person who doesn’t like receiving flowers! Flowers can automatically brighten everybody’s day! Choose your friend’s favorite flowers and have a bouquet delivered to their work.

If you want to include some sweet message, let it be anonymous. Not sure what their favorite flower is? Send a mixed flower bouquet. All flowers are incredibly beautiful.

4. Have lunch together

Having lunch together is one of the best ways to cheer up your friend, especially if they are having a particularly stressful day at school or work. Just make sure you talk only about fun stuff.

Choose the place you know they like, and don’t forget to order some delicious desserts. Sometimes those extra calories are not bad!

5. Do some crazy things together

Lighten the load with laughter and do some crazy things together! My two best friends and I once danced in the rain in our PJs until we’re soaked to the skin.

Really, it was so fun and we made unforgettable memories! To lift your friend’s spirits, do something crazy together, but be safe!

6. Dance

Speaking about dancing, it’s another way to cheer up your friend. While it can be tricky to urge your friend to dance when they have a difficult day, it’s worth trying. Put on some uplifting music and dance together.

Music can heal body, mind, soul and dancing is a great exercise and a fun and easy way to keep fit. Even 15 minutes of dancing can make your friend feel better.

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7. Help out

If your friend is stretched out to the max, do what you can to help them. Offer to help accomplish a project or some tasks, run errands, walk the dog, or babysit.

You can even make a surprise. Clean up their apartment, get their car washed or grab a healthy snack and leave it at their desk.

8. Make a photo collage

If your friend is feeling down, make a photo collage for them including pictures of all the things they love and hold dear to their heart. Don’t forget to frame it, so that your friend can display it on their desk or shelf to see it every day.

9. Have a spa day

If your friend is experiencing hard times, why not create a spa day at home? Invite your friend over and spend the whole evening relaxing. Consider the mani/pedi, facials, and hair care treatments.

If you don’t have store bought face masks, make your own masks using ingredients from your kitchen. This way, your friend won’t only feel better, but they will also look better.

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10. Take a road trip

Finally, if your friend is feeling down for a long period of time, think of going somewhere fun for a small weekend trip! Even if it is a couple hours away, it will get your friend’s mind off of what is going on around them. Pack your picnic basket if you do not want to eat out each meal.

Everyone experiences hard times and it can be difficult to go through them alone. If your close friend feels down, help them and chances are that they will help you when times get tough.

What do you usually do to cheer up your friend when they feel down? Share your tips with us, please.