10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Nails Fast


People see your face first, but that doesn’t mean your nails aren’t an important to first impressions. Beautiful nails should be healthy and polished.

One of the best ways to make your nails look cleaner and prettier is to grow them long. They shouldn’t be so long that they get in the way of your lifestyle, but growing them long enough for a pretty French tip will keep your fingernails and hands looking beautiful.

1. Take Care of Them

Take good care of your nails. Don’t bite them and be careful not to break them while they grow. Don’t push the cuticle back because this can promote infections in the nail bed. Keep your fingernails clean.

Wash them with a soft brush underneath to remove all dirt. Do not trim them with clippers or scissors.

Use a nail file and pull it always in one direction instead of back and forth. This will keep your nails neat and prevent splitting or jagged edges.