10 Most Common Beauty Mistakes Men Notice


Join a group of women for a night on the town, and you’ll hear them whispering about the guys with the obvious comb-overs and gaudy gold necklaces, or the ones chomping on gum so vigorously it’s a wonder their jaws don’t dislocate. But did you ever think about what it looks like from their perspective?

Here are ten beauty mistakes that turn men off fast. Avoid making these common mistakes with your makeup that you may think is fantastic but makes men want to run the other direction and forget about you.

1. Too much perfume

Perfume is supposed to make a man want to snuggle in closer. If he can’t get within two feet without his eyes watering, you’re using too much. Plus, men like to think your perfume is for them only; it spoils the effect of sharing it with everyone in the room.

Don’t douse yourself with the fragrance. Just because you can’t sense your fragrance doesn’t mean others can’t. Try to spritz yourself sparingly (3-4 sprays will be enough) and spritz behind each ear, on your wrists, and behind both knees.