5 Reasons Why Your Mascara Clumps


Clumped mascara looks unsightly. When you notice that you are wearing it, you feel embarrassed and unattractive. However, there’s always a good reason why mascara forms into lumps.

Knowing that it is not inevitable and you can do something to avoid it can help you improve your appearance. Are you making any of these five mistakes?

1. Pumping the wand

It can be tempting to pump the mascara wand up and down in its tube when you want to get more makeup on the application brush. However, the pumping action causes air to move in and out and ultimately dries the liquid inside. When you apply mascara afterward, dried-up lumps end up on your eyelashes.

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2. Leaving the wand out

If you need to wait for one application of mascara to dry before you apply another, chances are, you will leave the wand out of the tube or stick halfway out of it. Once again, the air will begin to dry your mascara and clumps will form.

3. Using old mascara

Like many women, you might have several mascaras on the go at once. One might be simple, light, and perfect to wear to the office, while another might be thick, luxurious, and provide the appearance of false lashes. However, mascara has a shelf life.

If you have more than one, you are likely to lose track of how old they are. After a few months, they might lose their luster. After six months they could turn lumpy.

4. Being heavy-handed

Unless you prefer a natural appearance, you probably like to apply several layers of mascara. Doing so can certainly make your eyelashes appear longer and thicker. However, plunging the mascara wand into its tube and doing your best to scoop up as much liquid as possible will mean that your eyelashes stick together. The result will be clumps.

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5. Being impatient

Not waiting for separate coats of mascara to dry on your lashes will lead to angry clumps forming. It is best to let layers dry properly before adding more mascara and to wiggle the brush as you sweep it along your lashes, as this will make sure that it glides on smoothly.

Being certain to avoid the five makeup application mistakes women make when using mascara will mean that you have beautiful eyelashes, rather than a mass of unsightly clumps. Do you know any other reasons why the mascara clumps? Please comment below and thanks for reading!